Gevolgen van oorlog in Oekraïne

Op deze pagina vindt u alle berichtgeving van het LNV Attaché Netwerk over de impact van de oorlog in Oekraïne conflict op u als ondernemer. Wat zijn de ontwikkelingen van de agromarkten in de landen waar het netwerk actief is en wat zijn de gevolgen voor de import en export? De berichten staan op volgorde van publicatiedatum.


Op deze pagina veelgestelde vragen over de oorlog in Oekraïne, vindt u informatie zoals reizen en reisdocumenten, algemene informatie en contactgegevens. Ook vindt u hier verwijzingen over de sancties in Rusland die van invloed zijn op ondernemers die zaken doen met dit land en contactgegevens van het Ondernemersloket van RVO.

May 2024

13 May

Memorandum of Cooperation between Ukrainian and European dairy producers was signed

3 May

LNV-raad Carolien Spaans is op bezoek bij Kees Huizinga, de Nederlandse boer in Oekraïne

April 2024

26 April

Ukraine will review special duty on rose imports

18 April

Register for discussion "Changes in the Ukrainian dairy sector over two years of war"

11 April

Ukrainian agro dialogues: European integration, subsidies, production and prospects for new markets

08 April

The Netherlands is among main donors of humanitarian demining projects in Ukraine

March 2024

28 March

Survive And transform: Ukraine's dairy industry during the war

26 March

Readiness of the Ukrainian agricultural sector for the EU accession: progress and prospects

22 March

Online discussion “5 Myths about the Ukrainian Agriculture”

21 March

Ukrainian Parliament passed a law that allows biomethane to be exported to the EU

18 March

Floricultural study tour for Ukrainian veterans in the Netherlands

11 March

Organic farming in Ukraine and the role of women

6 March

How Russia’s war against Ukraine affects animals and the environment

4 March

Horticultural sector in Ukraine: Results of 2023 and expectations for 2024

February 2024

27 February

Ukrainian farmers to double construction of vegetable storage facilities in 2024

23 February

Ukraine: 1st step towards unlocking the export of biomethane

January 2024

26 January

Oekraïne-gezant laat Nederlandse bedrijven helpen met wederopbouw

25 January

Ukraine: Smart Garden project

23 January

How the war against Ukraine affected the Black Sea and marine life

22 January

Ecotransformation of Ukrainian communities

19 January

This week Carolien Spaans is appointed as Agricultural Counsellor in Ukraine

11 January

Agricultural study tours for Ukrainian Veterans in the Netherlands

10 January

For Ukraine's food security, it is necessary to build about 140-150 vegetable storage facilities

5 January

The second stage of agricultural land reform has started in Ukraine

4 January

Ukraine: the list of goods, subject to export and import quotas and licensing in 2024

December 2023

19 December

Ukraine: the critical agrifood research needs for the coming decade

7 December

Back to nature, wild cows in exclusion zone in Ukraine

6 December

Future of Ukrainian agriculture

November 2023

14 November

Insights into the Ukrainian seed industry during war

REBUILD Ukraine exhibition & conference

7 November

War affects 20% of natural reserves in Ukraine

October 2023

27 October

Ukraine can provide 20% of EU’s needs for biomethane

Ukraine: the post disaster needs assessment report of the Kakhovka Dam disaster

17 October 

Update on legalizing medical cannabis in Ukraine

13 October

Important information for Dutch organizations that send humanitarian goods to Ukraine

9 October

Third aid package for Ukraine will include funds for export credit insurance and investments risks

5 October

Why is it important to support craft producers in Ukraine?

2 October

NL Waterway Cleanup in Ukraine

Stiyka Ukraina on-field seminar

September 2023

26 September

Nederland moet zichtbaar blijven in Oekraïne

20 September

Ukrainian agricultural machinery market plunged in 2022

13 September

Approved procedure for the import of seeds and planting materials to Ukraine

11 September

National Florist Competition in Ukraine blossoms with support from the Netherlands

13 September

Approved procedure for the import of seeds and planting materials to Ukraine

August 2023

25 August

Stiyka Ukraina 3rd Webinar

Ukrainain Parliament passed a law on strengthening control over GMO product

18 August

Meet Incredible Craft Bag, a platform for craft producers from all over Ukraine

16 August

Romania promises to double transit of grains from Ukraine on short term

15 August

Nature-inclusive city greening for Ukraine

14 August

Micro greens in Ukrainian schools

4 August

First field day of "Stiyka Ukraina" horticultural project took place in Kyiv Region last Friday

July 2023

25 July 2023

Updates from Ukrainian farms and fields by PPS Dairy Ukraine

20 July

Some 60,000 tonnes of grain destroyed because of the Russian strikes on the Ukrainian seaports

19 July

Constanta Port Romania and Ukrainian exports: increasing concerns about capacity

11 July

Smart Garden Project in Ukraine- Career orientation, trainings for children and support of people in need

4 July

Dutch demo field is blooming in Kyiv park despite COVID and war

June 2023

22 June

Future For Nature, meet the winner of 2023 from Ukraine

16 June

Ukrainian organic export: challenges and opportunities

15 June

Some sectors of Ukraine's agro-industrial complex will not return to pre-war levels

13 June

Lioness from Ukraine found her new home in the Netherlands

9 June

Ukraine: Economic Consequences of the Dam Destruction at the Kakhovka HPS

8 June

Construction of storage facilities as a very profitable investment while the price for vegetables is high in Ukraine

6 June

Destruction of Kakhovka hydro power plant in the South of Ukraine

May 2023

25 May

Despite war, Dutch farmer Kees Huizinga stays in Ukraine to help country

15 May

Life on mines and demining

11 May

Ukraine approves list of alien tree species prohibited in reproduction of forests

10 May

Wild flowers and grass for Kyiv public greening

2 May

Catalogue of Ukrainian organic exporters

April 2023

21 April

Hungary bans the import of agricultural products from Ukraine

19 april

Ukraine Agriculture and Food Security Platform Meeting

13 april

Grown under fire: Ukrainian agricultural export in 2022

4 april

Spain, first destination for Ukrainian agri-food stuffs

Maart 2023

30 maart

Ukrainian vegetable sector 2023: what to expect

23 maart

A tiger from Ukraine found his lovely home at the Big Cat Sanctuary in the Netherlands

21 maart

Farmers in countries neighboring Ukraine, affected by cheap grain from the war-torn state

20 maart

Exclusive interview with the President of Ukrainian Florist’s Society

Februari 2023

28 februari

War time berry growing and processing.Conference in Rivne, Ukraine

6 februari

Dutch expedition of 8.000 km along the front line in Ukraine to meet beekeepers

Januari 2023

31 januari

EBRD and the Netherlands support food security in Ukraine

16 januari

Flower bulbs for Ukrainian Schools

12 januari

Impact of the war on agriculture and rural livelihoods in Ukraine

December 2022

23 december

Delivering animal-friendly innovation in challenging times

19 december

Sweet Honey Gifts from Mykolaiv in the Netherlands

12 december

Potato processing in Ukraine: current trends and challenges

1 december

Launch of "Grain from Ukraine" Program

November 2022

29 november

Small steps, big impact. Growing vegetables in Ukraine

25 november

Ukraine: dairy processing harmed by power outage

17 november

Bontrup: boost to agriculture and rural development in Ukraine

15 november

How to communicate with colleagues and clients from Ukraine

11 november

Award for the Dutch Farmer in Ukraine

10 november

Get together after 7 months of war - horti conference in Ukraine

7 november

How Ukrainan berries find their way abroad

Oktober 2022

19 oktober

The Face of Destruction - Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on the Seed Sector

6 oktober

Rosetta Agro in Ukraine - from humanitarian aid to business development

3 oktober

Ukraine: news bulletin end of September

September 2022

28 september

Ukraine raises export of organic products to EU by 19% in 1H2022 despite russian aggression

19 september

Ukraine: news bulletin mid September

14 september

Made with Bravery - a marketplace of Ukrainian manufacturers

5 september

Jordan: Food Security Regional Hub

Ukraine: news bulletin end August - first days of September

Augustus 2022

29 augustus

Water security of Ukraine: war time and climate change

23 augustus

Ukraine: news bulletin August

23 augustus

Government will support Dutch businesses to join reconstruction of Ukraine

18 augustus

FRUITful cooperation Ukraine and The Netherlands

4 augustus

Ukraine: news bulletin mid summer

1 augustus

FAO announces procurement opportunity for grain storages for Ukraine

Winners of the competition supported by NL Embassy in Ukraine

Juli 2022

26 juli

War time biofuel production in Ukraine: new project launch with the Dutch link

19 juli

Romania’s involvement in Ukrainian grains export facilitation

18 juli

Oekraïne: Newsbulletin medio juli

2 juli

The Catalogue of Ukrainian Organic Exporters 2022

Juni 2022

23 juni

Ukraine and the Netherlands: berry cooperation with a bitter taste of war

22 juni

Communities of the "Incredible villages of Ukraine" set a good example

20 juni

Business Forum for the Reconstruction of Ukraine in Rotterdam

Romania: Ukrainian exporters complain about shipping jams on Sulina canal

15 juni

Keeping Ukrainian goods moving: EU-Ukraine Business Matchmaking Platform

13 juni

Leading sectors of the Ukrainian economy, 100 days of war

2 juni

Ukraine: Flowering Lilies in 100 communities

Mei 2022

31 mei

Ukraine: rules for international trade in agricultural produce simplified

27 mei

Dry Borsch from Malomykolaivka – hearty meal for the defenders of Ukraine

23 mei

Solidarity Lanes to help Ukraine export agricultural goods

17 mei

Poland: Impact of the war on Green Deal & agrifood sector

11 mei

De impact van de Oekraïne oorlog op de Marokkaanse voedselzekerheid

10 mei

Ukraine and Bulgaria agree on transportation of Ukrainian grain through Bulgarian port

Poland: webinar impact war on Polish agrifoodsector

5 mei

Spain: The agrifood sector in the face of higher inflation

4 mei

Romania has an important role in cargo flow with Ukraine/Moldova

April 2022

22 april

Serbia introduces export quotas for cereal, flour, cooking oil

19 april

Slovakia: agrinews & impact of war

15 april

As the war in Ukraine continues, Serbia’s projected GDP growth shrinks

13 april

Poland: Conference Green Deal and impact war

11 april

Videocall between Dutch and Ukrainian Ministers of Agriculture

6 april

Webinar Ondernemersupdate oorlog in Oekraïne

84% van ingevoerde zonnebloemolie in 2021 kwam uit Oekraïne

5 april

Bulgarian cooking oil market: 15 big players

Maart 2022

31 maart

Impacts of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the Andean countries (Part II)

29 maart

Russia-Ukraine: Effects on Argentine agriculture

Gevolgen oorlog Oekraïne voor Ethiopië

25 maart

Prices in Hungary skyrocketing since the start of the war

Serbian agriculture: The impact of the war in Ukraine

24 maart

Actieplan Franse overheid voor de landbouw n.a.v. de oorlog in Oekraïne

22 maart

Russian import formalities for animal and plant products reported to be simplified to prevent disruption of supplies

21 maart

Romania neither restricts nor bans grain exports

18 maart

Webinar economische ontwikkelingen in Rusland voor het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven

Russia-Ukraine conflict forces Vietnam to look for alternative fertilizer suppliers

17 maart

Ukraine: national food security is threatened by war

16 maart

Ukraine will stop export of mineral fertilizers

Ukraine prepares for sowing campaign during the war

15 maart

Ukraine is a key supplier of some commodities to Spain

14 maart

Onderzoek effect Oekraïne-Rusland conflict op voedselzekerheid en agroproductie

How will the conflict between Russia and Ukraine affect the agri-food sector in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru?

11 maart

Hungary: The government’s grain export control will have its effects

Serbia Bans Exports of Staple Foods and Caps Petrol Prices

Vietnam’s agricultural trade with Russia and Ukraine to be significantly reduced

7 maart

Hungary limits the export of cereals

Februari 2022

28 februari

Retail chains in Poland are giving up Russian and Belarusian products

Veelgestelde vragen over Oekraine