Flower bulbs for Ukrainian Schools

Flowers4School -  is a charitable social project aimed at greening up Ukrainian schools with flower bulbs and plants supported by exporters and farmers from the Netherlands and Ukraine.

The Flowers4school.com project is a charitable action by the Ukrainian company https://florium.ua/ in collaboration with the Association of flower bulbs manufacturers of The Netherlands and Ukraine. The project's primary mission is to introduce Ukrainian children to the world of flowers and plants by participating in planting bulbs in their school gardens. The Dutch companies believe that planting their bulbs near Ukrainian schools will help to positively influence children's morale during these challanging for Ukraine times. Children can have fun together, enjoy the blooming of the plowers in the spring and understand that they did it with their own hands.

Peter Tonenchuk from Flower4Schools
Peter Tonenchuk (Florium) tells about project Flower4Schools

Peter Tonenchuk (Florium) tells about project Flower4Schools

At the end of February, the Russian troops invaded Ukraine and for a while the regular activities stopped. Our company froze but soon enough we came back to work and volunteered in another reality.

As the first shock passed, Ukrainian civilians who bravely defended their land during first months, continued to hold their own fronts in order to keep the economy of the country running. When our children started their new academic year we thought we should do something to support them in this challenging times. That’s how the idea of the Flowers4school project was born.

We turned to our Dutch partners, shared our thoughts, and immediately we got the support we never expected. Company after the company donated bulbs for the project. They were driven by nothing but will to help and to support kids and their kindness deeply touched us.  

Flowers4Schools partners
Flowers4Schools partners

Partners of the project

It wasn’t initially our plan but the Flowers4school project with help of 36 companies from The Netherlands became an all-Ukrainian project and shared 5 million bulbs to 10062 schools all over the country, including schools from Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lugansk, Mykolaiv regions and deoccupied Kherson region.

But the most important thing in this story is the thousands of smiling and joyful children involved in the landing process. In the spring, when all these flowers bloom, we expect the next and most important effect of our initiative - emotional healing and aesthetic satisfaction for those who have suffered so much at such a young age.

What''s next?

Every day we receive feedback and requests from the schools. This is the best motivation to continue our project. In 2023 there will be a new edition. Together we hope to plant flowers in every Ukrainian school and to see a blooming and prospering country after the victory.

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