Award for the Dutch Farmer in Ukraine

Kees Huizinga, the owner and manager of the large farm Kyschentzi in Central Ukraine was granted 2022 GFN Kleckner Global Farm Leader Award.

Kees Huizinga
Beeld: ©Myr Apart / Latifundist

In recognition of Kees Huizinga’s unwavering focus on alerting the world to what is happening in Ukraine and how that war is impacting the worlds food security today and looking forward, the Global Farmer Network (GFN) proudly recognized Kees Huizinga as the 2022 GFN Kleckner Global Farm Leader Award recipient.  “Kees leads by example in so many areas, and in 2022 that leadership was obvious as he filled a role that he would have preferred not to have but did because there was a need and he was in a position to tell the real story of war’s grim reality, imminent food crisis and farming in a war zone”, states the endorsement of GFN.

Kees Huizinga has been working in Cherkasy oblast for 20 years. Kyschentzi Ltd grows onions, carrots, wheat, barley, canola, sugar beet, corn, sunflowers, and navy beans. They also have a modern dairy farm. During all these years, Kees was open to share his experience of work in Ukraine to visitors and farmers from Ukraine and abroad. 

Since the start of  full-scale invasion Kees provides updates on the actual situation in the agricultural sector of Ukraine, challenges and achievements, global implications to the international community, governments and policy leaders across Europe. In his interview to GFN Kees said: “My weapon in this war is to reach out to the world via media and tell them what is happening and why it matters to everyone.  Russia is using the world’s food supply as a weapon of war and the world’s food security is at risk.”

The importance of agricultural producers in Ukraine augmented tremendously since February 2022. In addition to their contribution to food security and job creation in the region and globally, farmers are providing housing and support to internally displaced persons, defenders of Ukraine and their families. Together with his wife Emmeke, Kees unites efforts and initiatives and creates new partnerships with Dutch, Ukrainian and international communities, farmers, and businesses, and NGOs providing support to the people of Ukraine.  

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The Global Farmer Network is a non-profit advocacy group led by farmers from around the world who amplify the farmers’ voice in promoting trade, technology, sustainable farming, economic growth and food security. The GFN was established in 2000, first as Truth About Trade and Technology.   

The GFN Kleckner Global Farm Leader Award is given annually since 2007 and recognizes global farmers who exemplify strong leadership, vision and resolve in advancing the rights of all farmers to choose the technology and tools that will improve the quality, quantity and availability of agricultural products around the world. It was established to honor Dean Kleckner, Chairman Emeritus of the organization.

Agriculture in Wartime: Threats and Opportunities for Ukraine with Farmer Kees Huizinga, Agricultural Economist Antonina Broyaka, and USAID DAA Mark Simakovsky

The event is organized by the Center of Strategic and International Studies (USA)
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