Smart Garden Project in Ukraine- Career orientation, trainings for children and support of people in need

Netherlands Embassy, Enza Zaden Ukraine, Rijk Zwaan Ukraine support the project of Continental Farmers Group and teach children to grow vegetables in sustainable way.

Smart Garden
Micro green production in Ternopil school

The "Smart Garden" educational project ( for young people by the "Continental Farmers Group" (  that runs for the fourth time. Taking part in the project, children learn the basics of agronomy, agricultural technology. After full scale Russian invasion the participants of “Smart Garden” project donate the vegetables and herbs they grow for production of dry soup, borchsh and tea for people in need in the regions affected with the hostilities.

In 2023 "Smart Garden" not only expanded its geography, but also attracted partners: the project was supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and companies producing seeds and fertilizers.

Smart Garden - visit of RijkZwaan Agronomist
Mykola Sobotovych, Rijk Zwaan Ukraine providing participants of the project with agronomic support

This year the participants of the "Smart Garden" grow the traditional vegetables of so called “Ukrainian borscht kit”: beets, cabbage, carrots, onions and peppers. The vegetable seeds are provided by two Dutch companies in Ukraine: Enza Zaden and Rijk Zwaan. Medicinal herbs include mallow and calendula. For the first time, they will harvest peanuts, which they plan to add to energy bars and pumpkins, from which candied fruits will be made.

Smart Garden
Grygoriy Shvets, Enza Zaden Ukraine, advises children on vegetable growing

In previous seasons, the project involved children from rural areas, and this year, "Smart Garden" was supported by one of Ternopil's schools - microgreens will be grown here. With the support of "Continental", a special installation with automatic watering and lighting is being installed in Ternopil school.

In total, more than 150 children from Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi and Lviv regions joined the project. "Continental" provides participants with seeds, growing materials, and also provides agronomic support. In addition, the company finds places for processing the grown crop and helps deliver finished products to the areas they are needed.