Ecotransformation of Ukrainian communities

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, Jennes de Mol, addresses communities motivating towards real measurable achievements in green transformation.

Econtansformation 18 January 2024

Communities from all over Ukraine presented green transformation projects during high-level forum "Green Transformation: Reunion" that took place in Kyiv, on January 18.

The Event was organized by  the Association of Environmental Professionals PAEW, Global 100 RE Ukraine and the Office of Sustainable Solutions. Motivating communities towards real measurable achievements in green transformation is the goal of the project.

In his motivatin speech Ambassador of the Kingdon of the Netherlands in Ukraine Jennes de Mol mentioned:

"A working energy system is the foundation of the Ecotransformation and green recovery of Ukraine. It is a challenge, a great challenge;  a necessary one looking at Ukraine’s path towards further EU integration. But the Ukrainian people have shown they can make it work.The potential of Ukraine is enormous.

It means striving towards a sustainable Ukraine, a decarbonized Ukraine, a circular economy. Setting goals is one thing, the implementation is that which counts. You as leaders have a role to play in that process!"

"Energy Transition in The Netherlands" this is the title of the presentation of

Frederik Wisselink Energy Envoy of The Netherlands

Visit the website for more information (in Ukrainian) Зелена трансформація: як громади з усієї України реалізовують зелені проєкти під час війни - Офіс Сталих Рішень (

Forging the future green economy and charting a fresh environmental vision for Ukraine.

This annual event seeks to amplify the voices of leaders who, amid tragic times and formidable challenges, serve as catalysts for a burgeoning economy founded on a profound respect for the homeland, judicious utilization of natural resources, and the adoption of renewable energy sources. These leaders form the nucleus, harmonizing the collaborative endeavors of communities, business teams, and financial resources toward pivotal social and environmental projects.


  • Office of Sustainable Solutions
  • Professional Association of Environmentalists of the World
  • Global 100 RE Ukraine