Romania has an important role in cargo flow with Ukraine/Moldova

According to Romanian Transport Minister Grindeanu, the country has now an extremely important role for the cargo flow to and from Ukraine and/or the Republic of Moldova, and implicitly for the economy of the two countries. According to him, since the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the Romanian infrastructure, port, rail, road or air, offers vital transport ways for the transit of goods and necessary raw materials.

cargo halls

"During the videoconference with Adina Valean, the European commissioner for Transport, the deputy Minister of Infrastructure from Ukraine, Mustafa Nayyem, as well as my counterpart from the Republic of Moldova, Andrei Spinu, we discussed about the solutions that Romania is offering in these moments. I highlighted Romania's involvement through constantly supplementing the rail cargo transport and ensuring the transposition and the transshipment of wagons, as well as their continuous and priority movement," Grindeanu specified. He added that liberalizing road cargo transport for the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine for all freight categories (direct, transit, third party) "represents another option that we are offering".

According to the Minister of Transport, increasing operating capacity of the Port of Constanta represents a major support for the flows of cargo coming from Ukraine, through the Republic of Moldova, on the Siret-Constanta corridor, while the ships under Ukrainian flag are benefiting from quick access to Romanian ports and are exempt from paying port service tariffs. He also specified that the goods with Ukraine destination, especially containers, are received and downloaded in our ports, and for their transfer there is a line of containers on the Constanta-Giurgiulesti (Republic of Moldova) relation.

Source: Agerpres