Why is it important to support craft producers in Ukraine?

Support of local entrepreneurship contributes to sustainable development of the local communities,  reducing migration, creating new jobs and strengthening families where it is a family business.

Incredible Craft Bag
Incredible Craft Bag by Agroportal.UA and NLEmbassyinUkraine

Craft products become popular among Ukrainians who would like to know more about what they consume and the stories of those who make them.

Local retail chains are supporting this trend offering shelfs for small local craft producers. Many other initiatives are emerging as well. In particular, to support crafters, the online edition of AgroPortal.ua together with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine created the platform "Incredible Craft Bag".

On September 12, 2023, the participants of the international conference "Large Farm Management" (LFM) had the opportunity to get acquainted with unique local products at a craft location from AgroPortal.ua.

Namely: candied fruits from a small, incredible village in the Dnipropetrovsk region (Hertsevski Craftolyky),  rose liqueur from the incredible village in Odesa region, pickled pepper from a farmer in Vinnytsia region, lavender syrup from the Poltava eco-homestead, berry wine from Galicia (Lviv region); sweet potato chips from Kryvyi Rih; raspberry jam from Nikopol district recently affected by Kakhovka HPP blow up, cherry sauce from a craft producer in Cherkasy, craft bread from Bucha, Kyiv region, acorns coffee from the Kharkiv eco-settlement "Ozarinnia"; viburnum tea from Ternopil berries.

Incredible Craft Bag
Incredible Craft Bag

During the event the participants shared their ideas on the support of the craft segment as well as the impressions on the projects tasted. That is why we are convinced that Ukraine needs an effective mechanism to support and develop especially the smallest producers.

Taras Vysotskyi, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

"First of all craft production is creation of new jobs in rural areas, as well as development of mini and small entrepreneurship initiatives which can further increase. Craft products is an example of creation of products with added value and contribution to the economy.

Ukrainian craft products are competitive in the international markets. This can be seen on the example of cheese and wine producers who get awards at international events every year. Ukraine has a wide range of craft products - from berry and herbal tea, to dairy and meat products."

Roman Slastyon, head of business in Ukraine, ICL growing solutions

"Craft products are the products with added value and costs. From the Governmental point of view, this means employment of the people and the creation of micro-businesses. Therefore, the support of craft producers  and entrepreneurship that results in increase of  the welfare of the population.

Craft products have more advantages in local markets, since people prefer the products that come from the area they live. However local is the next global. This niche becomes interesting on the foreign markets, in particular, the European market, which has become more open to us. But here it is important to create regional ties, such as the "Carpathian cheese brynza", which has already begun to trample its way into Europe."

Incredible Craft Bag
Incredible Craft Bag

Oleksandr Koval, founder of the tourist information center "Tourinform Zakarpattia"

Supporting craft businesses, local producers contributes to sustainable development, increasing the amount of local taxes, as well as reducing migration, creating new jobs, strengthening families where it is a family business, and, of course, the attractiveness of the region through the support of local entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is a direct interest of local authorities and the state in general. After all, this product is the image and reputation of the territories.

Daryna Dyachok, founder of the platform where brands of farm and craft products are collected "Craft Society"

Not only the state, but also local communities should work to increase the number of crafters in their region. People create private enterprises, pay taxes, create new jobs, accordingly, population migration decreases. In addition, it is about preserving traditions and culture. And also about the formation of the tourist image of the community.

Incredible Craft Bag
Incredible Craft Bag by Agroportal.UA and NLEmbassyinUkraine

At the end of June, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted draft law No. 8290, which improves state regulation of food security and livestock development. In particular, the law introduces the long-awaited concept of "сraftsman food product". People call the production of such products "craft".

This is another step towards the development of gastrotourism, family farms and the identification of local food products.

Dmytro Solomchuk, People's Deputy, member of the Parliamentary Committee on Agrarian and Land Policy

"Small food producers will not need to produce additional registrations and permits, it is enough to simply register their facilities. At the same time, the state will increase control over the traceability of food products. The document also defines this type of activity as "craft". This applies to the smallest producers, family producers of various food products. This is an important moment, because for this type of activity, you can attract donors, financial support, so that the family business develops and develops the village."

In support of craft producers, the online publication AgroPortal.ua together with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine launched the "Incredible Craft Bag" platform to popularize the local product.

Currently, the platform has craft products from 29 Ukrainian producers — finalists of the "Incredible Villages of Ukraine" contest and participants of the "Instafarmers" project.

During the international conference "Effective management of agricultural companies" (LFM) at the craft location from AgroPortal.ua the products from Incredible Craft Bag were presented.

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