Videocall between Dutch and Ukrainian Ministers of Agriculture

Today Minister Henk Staghouwer had an online introductionary meeting with his Ukrainian colleague Mr. Mykola Solsky.

Beeld: ©UAgroNL

The primary goal of the videocall was to express his deepest respect and sincere condolences for the personal losses and destruction caused by the unprovoked Russian invasion.

Mr. Staghouwer further explained about his commitment to facilitate the supply of different types of humanitairian aid to Ukraine and offered Dutch experience and expertise on various topics for Ukraine, such as agro logistics and irrigation, to enable them rebuilding their agricultural capacity after the war has ended.

A direct result of the call is the organization of a high level working group between the two Ministries of Agriculture, in which the bilateral cooperation will be further defined and developed. The working group will be organized in the near future.