Dutch demo field is blooming in Kyiv park despite COVID and war

In July 2021 the perennials from Dutch company Molter B.V. has been planted as a demo plot in "Veselka" park in Kyiv, Ukraine. Two year later the plants are doing good, this part of the park has already become the favourite photo spot for the residents of this area. And recently an insect hotel was installed here to protect biodiversity.

Veselka Park Kyiv
Veselka park. Kyiv, July 2023

Sustainable green areas are the essential part of the modern cities. They provide to healthier envoronment, biodiversity and increase economic potential of the districts they are located.

This demo project (DHI) has been executed in cooperation with the Dutch Government https://www.rvo.nl/  and Dutch company in Ukraine - Nursery Kornelis https://kornelis.biz/.

Molter https://www.molterbv.nl/  is a perennial specialist that is breeding, growing and exporting perennials all over the world.

In order to show the possibilities with perennials and in particular with Molter exclusive varieties in public green areas the company decided to plant a demonstration plot in a park in Kyiv.

The aim of the demo plot is to show how the right assortment and execution of the plantation of perennials can result in cheaper and more sustainable greening option compared to the grass meadows so typical for city parks.

https://youtu.be/QLn3ADkaPL4 - watch the video of 2021 how everyting started

and enjoy the beautiful result in 2023  The update of the project summer 2023

Kyivzelenbud  - local municipal greening company is taking great care of the plot and all the plants here thought out the chellenging times of COVID and ruzzian invasion. And recently an insect hotel was installed at the demofield  to provide shelter for a big number of different insects attracted by flowers.

This is the first insect hotel, however many more are expected in Kyiv parks since right now the call for the project for such hotels is open for children and yougth 11-18 years old. The competions is run by local House of Nature and supported by the Demarment of environmental protection of Kyiv City Administration and Holosiivskiy National Nature Park.

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