Nature-inclusive city greening for Ukraine

Today Dutch Ambassador in Ukraine Jennes de Mol and representatives of Kyiv Municipal Enterprise "Kyivzelenbud" sowed wild perennial flowers in the park near the Embassy as the first stage of the trial on nature-inclusive city greening.

Wild flower in Podil
Sowing wild flowers near the Embassy in Kyiv

Among the priority areas for the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine there is implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular the sustainable development of the cities and communities, adaptation to climate change, preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity in the cities. The Embassy supports the initiative introduced by “Kyivzelenbud” to create areas with wild flowers and grasses in various districts of Kyiv.

Wild flower seeds
Wild flower seeds

Dutch companies are the leading suppliers of ornamental planting material in the world, in addition, the Netherlands has been implementing projects for the preservation and restoration of natural areas within settlements for a long time. Therefore, the  projects on greening cities in a sustainable and ecological way will be a new stage of our cooperation.

We are sure that not only the residents of Kyiv will like these areas, but they will also be appreciated by the insects, birds and other representatives of the city's fauna. And later this practice will gain support in other cities and towns of Ukraine.

Watering the plot with wild flowers
Watering the plot with wild flowers

Jennes de Mol, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine

"I have been living in Kyiv for 4 years, during this time we experienced quarantine, full-scale russian invasion and regular shelling. But despite these challenges, Kyiv is a city with a lot of green areas and flowers, which i like very much.

At the same time even if people leave in districts with flowerbeds and ornamentals, they always like to be surrounded by nature.  Therefore, with this experiment with perennial wild flowers we bring a piece of wild nature into the city center. We will work on this plot in coming spring as well in order to see the beautiful result in summer 2024.

Kontraktova Square is a very popular place both on working days and on weekends. It is also the place where the Embassy is located. So i am glad that not only the residents ad guests of Kyiv, but also i and other Embassy colleagues can personally observe how the flowers are growing."

Sowing wild flowers near the Embassy
Ambassador Jennes de Mol and a team of "Kyivzelenbud"

We invite the Dutch companies to join the initiative on greening the Ukrainian cities in a sustainable way. Please contact us for more details