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Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland week 12, 2023

Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland is de wekelijkse nieuwsbrief van het Landbouwattachénetwerk. U wordt iedere week geattendeerd op nieuws, activiteiten en achtergrondinformatie van 60 landbouwteams actief in 80 landen. Via de link onderaan kunt u collega's attenderen om zich ook te abonneren.

EUROPE - Frankrijk: inflatie en prijsonderhandelingen

Om de Franse consument tegemoet te komen in deze tijd van hoge inflatie, was er enige tijd sprake van het invoeren van een zogenaamd “anti inflatie-mandje” samengesteld uit een vijftigtal food- en non-foodproducten tegen gunstige stabiele prijzen. 

Inflatie en prijsonderhandelingen in Frankrijk

Beeld: pexels_Erik Scheel

- Hungary: announces €200 million agroecology program

National Chamber of Agriculture offers aid to exporting farmers, high energy bills hit horeca and grocery trade, national currency plummets amidst banking panic . Read more in this weekly briefing on agriculture, food and nature news in Hungary.

Hungary announces €200 million agroecology program

Green sprouts
Beeld: ©Francesco Gallarotti

- Poland: slight decrease in vegetable production

A slight decrease in vegetable production in Europe, a slight increase in Poland. Retail prices for vegetables increased in Poland and consumption went down.

Vegetables in Poland

mix of varous vegetables in a bowl
Beeld: ©A.Murawska

- Romania: farmers in countries neighboring Ukraine affected by cheap grain from the war-torn state

Ukraine, a major global grain producer and exporter, received EU aid after the outbreak of Russia’s war and created solidarity corridors so the country could continue its grain exports. Besides the solidarity corridors, the suspension of customs duties and dropping the requirement of sanitary and veterinary certificates have made it easier for the product to penetrate the markets of its neighbouring countries at low prices.

Farmers in countries neighboring Ukraine, affected by cheap grain from the war-torn state


- Serbia: EC requesting withdrawal of dairy import duties

New agriculture census coming, declining livestock figures, the advantages of buying locally, rising food and energy prices due to inflation. Read more in this weekly briefing on agriculture, food and nature news in Serbia.

EC asks Serbia to withdraw dairy import duties

A jug and a glass filled with milk is placed on a table in front of a sunflower field
Beeld: ©Couleur

- Ukraine: FCI's exclusive interview with the president of Ukrainian Florist’s Society

After fleeing the Russian missiles raining down on her hometown of Kharkiv with her daughter-in-law, young grandson, and grandmother in March 2022, Iryna Bielobrova escaped the shadow of Putin’s aggression leaving behind her two sons and husband. For the past year, the president of the Ukrainian Florist’s Society has been living as a refugee in the Netherlands.

FCI: exclusive interview with the president of Ukrainian Florist’s Society

FCI March 2023

AFRICA - Ivoorkust: handelsmissie duurzame landbouw en deelname SARA

Bent u actief in de duurzame landbouw? En bent u benieuwd naar uw marktkansen in Ivoorkust en West-Afrika? Kom dan van 28 september tot en met 3 oktober 2023 mee met onze handelsmissie naar Abidjan in Ivoorkust. Tijdens deze missie neemt u ook deel aan de SARA-beurs, de belangrijkste agribeurs in West-Afrika.

Handelsmissie duurzame landbouw Ivoorkust en deelname SARA


- Zuid-Afrika: handelsmissie over duurzame landbouw in Grootvlei

Bent u actief in duurzame landbouw en benieuwd naar zakelijke kansen in Zuid-Afrika? Ga dan mee met de handelsmissie Duurzame Landbouw naar Grootvlei van 17 tot en met 22 juni. Na sluiting van de plaatselijke kolencentrale, werkt Nederland met Zuid-Afrika samen om dit gebied opnieuw te ontwikkelen met arbeidsintensieve, klimaatneutrale en duurzame landbouw.

Beeld: Bernard Likalimba

AMERICAS - Argentina, Colombia and Brazil: International Day of Forests, the work of the agricultural counsellors in Latin America

March 21st was the United Nations’ International Day of Forests. A global initiative that celebrates all types of forests and highlights their importance.  South America is the continent with the largest standing forests in the world with among others the Amazon, the Cerrado and Gran Chaco. So, do the agricultural counsellors in the region celebrate or worry on this day?

International Day of Forests: the work of the agricultural counsellors in Latin America

Agricultural counsellors in South America

- Colombia: Banasan, agro-export company of the banana sector

Early this month the Bogotá LAN-team and RVO (Partners for Water) met with the CEO and the sustainability coordinator of Banasan, Colombia’s largest banana exporter. Banasan collects and commercializes bananas from different types of farmers from the area, and has its own farms, too.

Banasan: agro-export company of the banana sector in Colombia

Banasan company
Beeld: ©LAN / LNV

- Mexico: workshop on breeders rights protection for Dutch plant breeders

Over the last years, the Embassy of The Netherlands in Mexico has worked closely with Dutch and Mexican stakeholders to improve the protection of breeders rights in Mexico’s ornamental sector. As part of this effort an online workshop is held on 31st March 15:00 – 18:00 (NL time) about 'Ornamental Certification System in Mexico'. 

Workshop on breeders rights protection in Mexico for Dutch plant breeders

Beeld: ©SNICS

ASIA - India: can farmers ride the TOP (Tomato, Onion and Potato) wave ?

Indian potato and onion farmers struggling to get remunerative prices in certain regions of India. (Indo-)Dutch companies providing solutions from planting material to processing equipment believe there are ways to establish more sustainable value chains, with the help of their technologies.

Can Indian growers ride the TOP (Tomato, Onion and Potato) wave ?

Beeld: ©Chart by Netherlands Embassy, data source: Indian Express

- Japan: meet our agricultural advisor in Tokyo

Japan's population is aging. As a result, the agricultural sector is experiencing labor shortages. The combination of Japanese robotics technology and Dutch greenhouse know-how can help solve this problem and - just as important - contribute to making the sustainable production of food more effective, says agricultural advisor Yuko Saito, who is part of the LAN team in Tokyo, Japan.

Japan and the Netherlands combine know-how and technology to fight labor shortages and waste in the supply chain

Yuko Saito, agricultural advisor

- Japan: NARO accurately predicts and controls harvest date

The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) has developed a technology for accurately predicting and controlling the harvest date to realize just-in-time (JIT) production of strawberries. The University of Electro-Communications has created a drone with edible wings in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and others. Read more in the bi-weekly agricultural news update of Japan.

Japan News Update #47 (28 Feb-13 Mar 2023)


- Vietnam: the Netherland’s sustainability values in Vietnam

The Netherlands aims to become the global leader in circular agriculture by 2030. This ambition entails a shift from growth in production volumes and cost price reductions towards optimization in resource use and food production, in harmony with nature.

The Netherland’s sustainability values in Vietnam

De Heus Vietnam solar rooftop
Beeld: ©De Heus Vietnam

- Vietnam: where horticulture challenges meet Dutch solutions

Horticulture, or growing garden plants, is fairly new in the Southeast Asian country compared to its long history of wet rice planting. Many farmers in the Mekong Delta - the nation’s traditional rice hub - switched from rice to fruits, vegetables or flowers a few decades ago as the crops fetch two to four times higher profit than rice.

Where Vietnamese horticulture challenges meet Dutch solutions

Lam Dong horticulture
Beeld: ©EKN


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