Artificial Intelligence to detect pests in Şanlıurfa -Türkiye cotton fields

Within the scope of the project prepared by Harran University (HRU) Faculty of Agriculture, harmful insects in cotton will be detected by artificial intelligence.

According to the statement made by the university, in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Engineering, the studies started in order to contribute to the economy of the region and the country by increasing cotton productivity and quality continue. In this context, a project was developed by academicians to determine the types of harmful / beneficial insects with artificial intelligence and to take precautions.

With the project, thanks to the system that can be tracked through the mobile system named "Artificial Intelligence Based Digital Pest Management in Cotton Production Areas", harmful insects in agricultural areas will be detected on time with the help of artificial intelligence and quality and productivity will be increased with the right spraying techniques.

Source: Anadolu Ajansı