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Global investors managing $32tn issued a stark warning to governments at the #UN #climate #summit, demanding urgent cuts in carbon emissions & the phasing out of all coal. theguardian.com/environment/20…

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Simon Baron-Cohen @sbaroncohen

What would you do if you fell through the ice? This 2 minute movie is interesting because it's counter-intuitive (relax, stay calm, breathe, take your time, plan, & don't try to pull yourself up), & a great metaphor for how to cope when bad & unexpected things happen in your life twitter.com/awkwardgoogle/…

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Salt Farm Foundation @SaltFarmFoundat

Our knowledge centre provides information on saline agriculture and its application. We also have a FAQ section, where we catalogued some of the useful enquiries we received, check them out here. ow.ly/TXDq50jP5ET #salineagriculture #FAQ #foodsecurity

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