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On 9 April, Agricultural Counsellor @ejkrajenbrink presented Dutch Flower Design & DFA instructor certificates at Deshima Lounge. Some 1000 diplomas have been issued in Japan since 1994. Dutch flower design is flourishing as the cherry blossoms and tulips in the Embassy grounds. twitter.com/nlinjapan/stat…

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LAN Tokio @AgriTokio

Cherry blossom season is over🌸pic.twitter.com/MjZKc0ZVuww

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LAN Tokio @AgriTokio

Today (15 April) a consortium called “InnovationTech Consortium” launches in Japan. In this consortium, the member companies share and exchange information on technologies and know-hows that lead to new businesses. #OpenInnovation #InnovationTech #Consortium pic.twitter.com/mY4P1jPnvI

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