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#Robotics | Interested in robotics and farming? Watch this video about Dutch robot systems that have been tested in as well a research environment as in an industrial setting. Do you want to see the robots live? Check out this event bit.ly/2FSz43j bit.ly/2FTRGjG

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Tokyo hailed as culinary capital of the world: the 2019 Michelin guide lists 230 restaurants with the prestigious stars - including one for rice balls! The Foodex in March is the opportunity to show Dutch food quality @AgriTokio @AgroBericht pic.twitter.com/ZTdrOvfmnV

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@HabitsChikako こんばんは‼️先日はご帰宅途中にお引止めして失礼しました。九谷焼さっそく使ってます。ステキなお店また覗かせていただきますね。

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