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JETRO: Year-on-Year #EU exports to Japan increased by almost 10% in first four months of 2019 with #EPA effects kicking in #Japan @EU_Gateway @EU_Growth @Trade_EU @EEN_EU @EUJapanCentre jetro.go.jp/biznews/2019/0… (J) pic.twitter.com/Htxd9YH4fu

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LAN Tokio @AgriTokio

Opening of a 13 ha modern greenhouse in Kasaoka, Okayama. Innovative greenhouse technologies from the Netherlands produce tomato, lettuce & bell peppers in the humid & hot Japanese summer. Greenhouses combined with biomass energy is an excellent example of circular horticulture. twitter.com/ejkrajenbrink/…

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LAN Tokio @AgriTokio

Agricultural Counsellor @ejkrajenbrink attended a poultry farming seminar organised by Hendrix Genetics, where a great interest in animal welfare was observed. When will it be realised in Japan? Currently, eggs from caged hens are normal in Japan (around 95% of all eggs). twitter.com/ejkrajenbrink/…

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