New Deliflor Japan test facility boost to local chrysanthemum sector

On May 22, Deliflor Japan proudly presented its new test facility in Hamamatsu, Japan. The wholly-owned subsidiary of Deliflor Chrysanten is herewith taking a further step in promoting the company’s many chrysanthemum varieties adapted to local climates and tastes. As the new facility boasts a clever combination of Japanese and Dutch innovative ideas and techniques, it will serve as a source of inspiration and knowledge to local growers.

Chrysanthemum varieties in the facility
The facility is the largest greenhouse in Japan dedicated to breeding and testing of chrysanthemum varieties.

Dutch breeding technology and floricultural production practices welcomed by Japanese growers

According to the statistics of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries chrysanthemums top the domestic production of cut-flowers, with a production value of almost 54 billion yen (2020). Chrysanthemums have been grown in Japan for over 1,500 years and to this day are widely used for many formal occasions, from bridal ceremonies and funerals, to flower offerings at altars. Being also the emblem of the Imperial Family, the flower has a somewhat formal and ancient connotation to most Japanese consumers. In recent years, however, efforts have been made to rejuvenate the chrysanthemum through the introduction of new varieties and usages. Deliflor Chrysanten is contributing significantly to these efforts by introducing innovative varieties to the Japanese market, mainly through licensing.

The world’s largest chrysanthemum breeder has already been active in Japan since 2008 when Deliflor Japan was established in Hamamatsu, the leading production area for chrysanthemums in Japan. In 2012, the company set up a first test facility, taking advantage of the area’s ideal conditions for testing varieties on heat and cold tolerance. Plans to establish a second, larger test facility had long been in the making before they were finally realized.

Deliflor Japan new test facility
The new test facility of Deliflor Japan

The opening ceremony

During the opening ceremony, Deliflor Japan’s representative director Kazunori Kikuchi shared notes on the long and arduous road towards obtaining approval for the construction and acquisition of the land for the test facility. This building project evolved into a regeneration project for the entire area surrounding the greenhouse, including the improvement of farmland and the construction of a new adjacent road. Such a project is a matter for the long haul and requires investing in good relations with the local authorities and locally influential people. But the realization of Deliflor’s new test facility also signifies the local authorities’ recognition of the added value of Dutch breeding technology and floricultural production practices to the Japanese chrysanthemum sector. Local growers and Deliflor Chrysanten will benefit alike from this new opportunity for collaboration.

LBR speech
Agricultural Counsellor Denise Lutz gives congratulatory remarks at the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the local government and other parties involved with the project, Deliflor Chrysanten and the Beekenkamp Group, growers and flower auctions. Agricultural Counselor Denise Lutz attended the opening ceremony on behalf of the Dutch Embassy.