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Aftredend premier May heeft via een Statutory Instrument nieuwe wetgeving geïmplementeerd die ervoor moet zorgen dat het Verenigd Koninkrijk in 2050 klimaatneutraal is @AgriLondon ow.ly/hvc550uJDts pic.twitter.com/AmuKlEwTYa

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Tim Heddema @timheddema

Yesterday I spoke at #WFNFevents about the Dutch plans to move towards circular agriculture. This means producing with the lowest possible input instead of at the lowest possible cost, and preventing leakage of nutrients from the food supply chain. #kringlooplandbouw @WFNFEvents pic.twitter.com/FBDCQC6CXd

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Today Ambassador @sjhsmits was presented with the first official bottle of #Gin1689, a great Dutch product that recently launched in the UK. We wish Patrick and his team all the best! @NLinUK @HollandUKTrade #DutchGin pic.twitter.com/xmBHh3MqJY

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