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We would like to introduce you to our new Agricultural Policy Advisor, Sabine Poelmann (left) as successor to Nienke Gelderloos (right). We are sad to say goodbye to Nienke as she is leaving Singapore but are very happy to welcome Sabine. Read more: ow.ly/5nFd50jR7Nn pic.twitter.com/0nQSLAHS6i

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Visit to Yayasan BSB Agatho Farm bsb-agatho.org/wr2/ MAIA students learn on organic farming that involved searching for and discovering nature's pathways. Millennial Agripreneurs in Action - MAIA pic.twitter.com/rK0OwYqXKv

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The Netherlands as a leader in circular agriculture netherlandsworldwide.nl/latest/news/20…

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