Dog Bailey 2

Welcoming Bailey, The Dog That Combats Wildlife Illegal Trading

A dog named Bailey has arrived in Indonesia to start her career with the Indonesian National Police Force and help combat wildlife trade in Indonesia under the care and guidance of JAAN. Bailey is the first dog trained to detect primates being smuggled, and has been in training since 2017 at the Scent Imprint for Dogs Center in the Netherlands with the assistance of samples of different Indonesian wildlife species from three zoos in the Netherlands.


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In preparation of the PCN Detection and Identification Training for Indonesian Plant Quarantine Officers with The Netherlands NVWA and NAK. pic.twitter.com/J3lwpnnJDX

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Mr Zakaria Abdul Rahman small holder dairy farmer from Linggi, Melaka shared experiences frm #Farmer2Farmer program pic.twitter.com/Dl9MVj85HC

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At Launching of #Farmer2Farmer 2018 program by Dutch Lady M’sia in collaboration with DVS pic.twitter.com/Ic4MVKZ2GJ

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