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Don't waste food 🍽️ Save energy 💡 Recycle ♻️ What is you#ClimateActionon for #ZeroHungerer world? We all need to act nowpic.twitter.com/54PJJujFwtwt

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See you all next week at #RwandaAgrishow2019 in Mulindi Agrishow ground. The #EU Village will be open from 19th to 24 June 2019. Save the dates! #FarmingTheFuture @RwandAgriExport @GAINalliance @HollandGreentec @PUM_nl @MarketplaceRW @EUinRW pic.twitter.com/KVTnynNQCS

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#FarmingTheFuture highlights Netherlands contribution to global efforts in achieving #food security and improved nutrition. Its campaign showcases knowledge and expertise of Dutch #Agrifood and Horticulture sectors. Watch the video. 📽️🚜bit.ly/2WidecoNpic.twitter.com/dWt9LIwYn9Yn9

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