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Report European Market Players on Sea Freight

The cost of transport to Europe is the main expense faced by Kenyan exporters of horticulture products, such as flowers. The air ...

Rapport | 17-06-2022

IMFact - Fuel Your Business Success

IMFAct was founded in 2019 to offer Kenya's underserved SMEs an alternative to traditional bank lending. The team is motivated by ...

Brochure | 25-10-2021

Inclusive Trade Scan

The Netherlands aims at an inclusive agricultural sector for everyone to reap the benefits of developments in countries and ...

Video | 08-10-2021

Roadmap to accelerate the transformation of the Kenyan dairy sector through SMEs

Together with Agriculture Transformation Office (ATO) and key stakeholders in the Kenyan dairy sector, NewForeSight designed a ...

Rapport | 21-07-2021

Using flying sensors and crop growth models to increase food production in Kenya

The practicality of the training course “ Using flying sensors and crop growth models to increase food production in Kenya’’ ...

Video | 23-06-2021

Newsletter Kenya 2020 - 01

Nieuwsbrief | 22-04-2020

Newsletter Kenya 2019 - 02

This is the newsletter of the Agriculture Department of Kenya and Tanzania. It contains information on the visit of the Dutch ...

Nieuwsbrief | 08-08-2019

Newsletter Kenya and Tanzania 2019-01

Nieuwsbrief | 17-05-2019

Newsletter IFTEX Expo & Fresh Produce Africa 2018

Nieuwsbrief | 13-06-2018

Critical Capital for African Agri-Food SMEs

A review of demand for and supply of risk capital for agri-food SMEs in Sub-Sahara Africa. Based on field studies in Kenya, ...

Rapport | 01-06-2018