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When you click on Achtergrond (background) you will be able to find all studies and factsheet published by the agriculture team, the latest developments, examples of successful business cases and more information on events.

The Dutch government has different tools available for businesses interested in getting involved in Kenya. An overview in Dutch can be found under instrumenten.

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Melle Leenstra @MelleLeenstra

Netherlands' contribution to a world without hunger in 2030. (New Dutch policy). Heathy and sustainable diets and circular agriculture. Family farms and women empowerment. Knowledge and innovation with @CGIAR, @WUR and new #NetherlandsFoodPartnership

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Netherlands Embassy in Kenya @NLinKenya

De Nederlandse Ambassade in Nairobi zoekt nieuwe stagiaires! - Somalië Afdeling: …… - Politiek, VN en Publieksdiplomatie: …… - Voedselzekerheid/Water Team: ……

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Agriteam Kenya & Tanzania @NLAgriKenya

Today we celebrate the first-ever World Food Safety Day! The Netherlands is proud of all the Dutch companies in Kenya who are working on food safety! #worldfoodsafetyday #foodsafety #foodsecurity #SDG @FAO @WHO

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