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The Dutch government has different tools available for businesses interested in getting involved in Kenya. An overview in Dutch can be found under instrumenten.



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Agriteam Kenya & Tanzania @NLAgriKenya

Global #seed companies are addressing climate change and nutrition needs but reach only 10% of the world’s small farmers. Read more about this fact on:

13 dagen geleden
Agriteam Kenya & Tanzania @NLAgriKenya

Soil is essential for life. It’s the foundation of our #ecosystem. Soil management is needed to protect and conserve our #soil #resources. We are at lauch today of the Community of Practice on soil fertility organized by @AgroCaresAfrica

14 dagen geleden
Agriteam Kenya & Tanzania @NLAgriKenya

Dairy Training Centre in #NL is happy to present an open international training for trainers, teachers, advisors and leaders who are focussing on #empowering the farmers and other professionals in their own market on the subjects of Dairy management and milk processing

15 dagen geleden
Volg @NLAgriKenya

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