[Animal Feed] Impact Cluster FeedTechKenya - Empowering the Kenyan Animal Feed Sector: Final Impact Tour 26 - 31 March 2023

FeedTechKenya has been a great success and the impact tour activities (round table sessions, feed miller focus day, participation in best fish farmer competition and visits to players all along the value chain) have positively contributed to the development of the animal feed sector, in terms of knowledge sharing, exchanging expertise and transferring the outcomes of the alternative protein trials with tilapia and broilers.

According to the feedmill trainees, trainers, partners and participants of the round table sessions, the week was a great learning curve and gave much input for the needed next steps.

The purpose of FeedTechKenya (FTK) is to empower the animal feed sector in Kenya and the EAC region. FTK is an initiative of a consortium of Dutch and Kenyan companies that will tackle challenges of the animal feed sector and aims to positively impact both the production side as well as the feed usage side of the value chain.
The consortium aims to:

  • Provide knowledge: execute several studies.
  • Demonstrate best practices: demonstrations to test and validate (new) methods and alternative ingredients (e.g., insects) to strengthen the Kenyan feed sector.
  • Transfer expertise and capacity building: training programs will be developed to expand knowledge and implement best practices among feed users and producers.
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