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Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland week 3, 2024

Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland is de wekelijkse nieuwsbrief van het LNV Attaché Netwerk. U wordt iedere week geattendeerd op nieuws, activiteiten en achtergrondinformatie van onze LAN teams die werkzaam zijn op de economische afdelingen van 60 Nederlandse ambassades en/of consulaten en van daaruit 80 landen bedienen. Via de link onderaan kunt u collega's attenderen om zich ook te abonneren.

- Benoemingen LNV Attaché Netwerk 2024

Deze week zijn in het buitenlandse netwerk van het ministerie van Landbouw, Natuur en Voedselkwaliteit (LNV) twee nieuwe LNV-raden benoemd op Nederlandse ambassades. Het betreft Rome en Kyiv.

Beide personen zullen met ingang van 1 maart 2024 starten met hun nieuwe werkzaamheden. Vanuit het ministerie van LNV en Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) wensen wij hen veel succes.

Benoemingen LNV Attaché Netwerk 2024

Wereldkaart 2024 LAN

- In gesprek met LNV-raad Inge Tenniglo in Ghana en Nigeria

Inge Tenniglo kende de regio al voordat ze aantrad als de nieuwe LNV-raad in Ghana en Nigeria vanuit de Nederlandse ambassade in Accra, maar toch was het in het begin wel wennen. Inge Tenniglo zit inmiddels echt op haar plek. Een plek waarop ze veel samenwerkt, met collega’s en met partners uit Nederland en West-Afrika. ‘Ik heb geleerd om meer te luisteren. We moeten het samen doen.’

Nieuwe samenwerkingen en duurzame ontwikkeling in Ghana en Nigeria

In gesprek met Inge Tenniglo

EUROPE - Frankrijk: nieuwe regering, maar minister Fesneau mag door

Frankrijk heeft een nieuwe regering, onder leiding van premier Gabriel Attal. De nieuwe regering is kleiner, jonger en iets rechtser, wordt algemeen geoordeeld. Maar minister Marc Fesneau van landbouw en voedselsoevereiniteit mocht blijven, evenals minister Béchu van ecologische transitie.

Frankrijk: nieuwe regering, maar minister Fesneau mag door

Gabriel Attal Premier ministre 2024
Beeld: ©AFP

- Italië: regulering insectenmeel voor menselijke consumptie

Op 29 december 2023 zijn vier ministeriële decreten gepubliceerd in de Italiaanse Staatscourant die de etikettering en verkoop van producten op basis van insectenmeel bedoeld voor menselijke consumptie moeten reguleren.

Regulering insectenmeel voor menselijke consumptie in Italië

- Noorwegen: Umami Arena 2023 (voorheen SMAK)

De beurs Umami werd groots aangekondigd: 'UMAMI ARENA is taking over where SMAK 2020 left off, creating a bigger, better and even more essential arena for Norway’s food and beverage industry.’

Umami Arena 2023 (voorheen SMAK), Noorwegen

- Poland: flower seminar for retail chains

For almost 20 years the market for flowers and plants is growing in Poland. But it boosted 7-8 years ago the moment Polish retail chains decided to expand their assortment with flowers. Since then, this category is constantly growing and needs more attention.

Flower seminar for Polish retail chains

Lucas Jansen giving his presentation
Beeld: ©A.Murawska

- Polen: economische missie

Bent u actief in de agri-technologie, maakindustrie of bent u betrokken bij duurzame mobiliteit? Wilt u de mogelijkheden verkennen voor zakelijke kansen, nearshoring of optimalisatie van uw toeleveringsketen in Polen binnen het domein van agri-technologie? Ga dan mee met deze economische missie van 9 tot 12 april 2024.

Economische missie naar Polen

Beeld: ©Pexels

- Romania: hauliers and farmers protest

Over the last weeks protest actions of farmers and the transport industries are taking place in various EU states, a.o in Poland and Germany. Also in Romania, protests by farmers and the transports industries representatives started on 10 January and have caused traffic problems.

Romanian hauliers and farmers protest

Hauliers protest

- Romania: the rise of regenerative farming

Romania, a country known for its rich biodiversity and vast agricultural lands, is experiencing a unique balance between agriculture and nature. While its history of state-owned agriculture during the communist era had detrimental effects on the environment, the transition to a free-market economy has presented challenges for the agricultural sector. Fortunately, there are a lot of opportunities as well. And multilateral cooperation with countries like the Netherlands can provide even more.

The rise of regenerative farming in Romania

Soil and soul project - products getting prepared for delivery

- Verenigd Koninkrijk: schrijf nu in voor deelname aan de Nederland Lounge op IFE London

In Londen vindt van 25 tot 27 maart de International Food & Drink Event (IFE) plaats, de grootste beurs voor voedingsmiddelen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk (VK). Dit is een uitgelezen kans voor Nederlandse ondernemers om nieuwe markten te verkennen en zich te verdiepen in de exportmogelijkheden naar het VK.

Schrijf nu in voor deelname aan de Nederland Lounge op IFE London

AFRICA - Kenya: sustainable biopesticides for horticulture challenges

In recent years, there has been a growing complexity of phytosanitary challenges in the horticulture and floriculture sectors due to increased global movement of agricultural produce. The overreliance on synthetic pesticides poses threats to quality and international competitiveness. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands held a workshop to promote biopesticides at the 2023 Naivasha Horticulture Fair as a sustainable solution to evolving sanitary and phytosanitary standards.

Sustainable biopesticides for horticulture challenges in Kenya

Nairobi Horticultural Fair 2023 - Embassy stand

- Nigeria: opting for a greener future

Nature-inclusive agriculture holds the potential to revolutionize farming practices in Nigeria. However, the overall progress is slow, as there are multiple factors holding back its implementation. The lack of a sustainable business model for farmers, for example, or the current state of public awareness are serious hindrances.

Nigeria opts for a greener future

Backyard gardening

- South Africa: a big year ahead

2023 was an eventful year for South Africa. Like many countries, South Africa faced rising costs, an energy crisis and logistical challenges. The agriculture sector wasn’t immune to these challenges and faced additional hurdles. That said, the sector continued to demonstrate its resilience and we expect this to hold firm, even as many of the challenges carry over into the new year.

South Africa 2024: a big year ahead

Black cows stand in a field with a row of tall trees in the background
Beeld: ©Netherlands Embassy / William Bowden

- Tanzania: good news for farmers as Tanzania-Netherlands partner to boost horticulture and seed potato production

In December 2023, Tanzania Horticulture Association (TAHA) and the Tanzania Seed Trade Association (TASTA) partnered to advocacy horticultural and seed potato production in the country. This initiative was supported by SeedNL, Naktuinbouw, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Tanzania, and the Ethiopia-Netherlands Seed Platform. It holds great promise for the future of horticulture and seed potatoes.

Good news for farmers as Tanzania-Netherlands partner to boost horticulture and seed potato production

AMERICAS - Chile: stimulating sustainable seaweed cultivation through innovation

The seaweed industry is rapidly growing, with its production having more than doubled over the past decade. Seaweeds are being used for agricultural purposes, as food and feed, and have become an increasingly valuable ingredient in both the pharma- and cosmetic industry. The question is whether the production of seaweed can keep up with its rising interest, and more importantly, if this can be done in a sustainable way.

Stimulating sustainable seaweed cultivation in Chile through innovation

Beeld: ©STG-LNV ph: Raquel Ledo Doval

- United States: Washington's tree fruit industry gathers at NW Hort Show in Kennewick

Between December 3rd and 7th, 2023, the 119th Annual Meeting of the Washington State Tree Fruit Association (WSTFA) and the NW Hort Show convened in Kennewick, WA. This event serves as a crucial platform for the Northwest tree fruit sector, providing opportunities to reconnect and stay updated on the latest developments in state and federal policies, economic forecasting, as well as research and innovation.

Washington's tree fruit industry gathers at NW Hort Show in Kennewick

Afbeelding Washington Tree Fruit Association

ASIA - Thailand: Dutch Agricultural Counsellor visits National Biobank

Dr. Sissades Tongsima, Director of National Biobank of Thailand (NBT) welcomes the Dutch Agricultural Counsellor Gijs Theunissen DVM during a visit to NBT this week. The visit aims to strengthen Thai – Dutch cooperation and knowledge sharing on sustainable agriculture and food systems in which agro-biodiversity is maintained.

Dutch Agricultural Counsellor Visits National Biobank of Thailand

Beeld: ©LNV Bangkok

- Vietnam: an overview of the propagation materials market

In recent years, Vietnam's agriculture sector has witnessed substantial growth. A recent report on the Vietnam propagation materials market, commissioned by the agricultural department of the Netherlands embassy in Vietnam and implemented by Mordor Intelligence, provides valuable insights into the market dynamics, trends, and key factors influencing its trajectory.

Cultivating Growth: An overview of Vietnam's propagation materials market

MIDDLE EAST - Egypt: roundtable discussion on the potential market opportunities of biofertilizers and biopesticides

Egypt is an important strategic partner of the Netherlands and continues to engage with Egypt to advance mutually shared interests, including strong commercial ties. With a population of over 101 million and a GDP of $362 billion, there are solid opportunities for the Netherlands in the medium-to-long term. Egypt’s strategic location offers companies a platform for their commercial and agriculture activities into the Middle East and Africa. 

Roundtable discussion on the potential market opportunities of biofertilizers and biopesticides in Egypt


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