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Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland week 17, 2023

Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland is de wekelijkse nieuwsbrief van het Landbouwattachénetwerk. U wordt iedere week geattendeerd op nieuws, activiteiten en achtergrondinformatie van onze landbouwteams die werkzaam zijn op de economische afdelingen van 60 Nederlandse ambassades en/of consulaten en van daaruit 80 landen bedienen. Via de link onderaan kunt u collega's attenderen om zich ook te abonneren.

EUROPE - Duitsland: foodtech op bezoek bij innovatieve bedrijven in Nederland

Op 12 en 13 april heeft een delegatie van 12 Duitse foodtech bedrijven een bezoek gebracht aan Nederland. Vanuit Duitsland is er veel interesse de Nederlandse foodtech sector beter te leren kennen.

Duitse foodtech op bezoek bij innovatieve bedrijven in Nederland

Foodprocessing missie NL
Beeld: ©Jochem Wolthuis

- Frankrijk: ministeriële handelsmissie met focus op foodtech en eiwitten

Van 3 tot 5 april vond de ministeriële handelsmissie naar de regio Hauts-de-France plaats, onder leiding van minister van buitenlandse handel Liesje Schreinemacher. Deze Noordelijke regio die hemelsbreed maar 60 km verwijderd van Nederland ligt, zet breed in op digitale en duurzame transitie van de voedselproductie en sluit goed aan op soortgelijke ontwikkelingen in Nederland.

Frankrijk: ministeriële handelsmissie Noord-Frankrijk legt focus op foodtech en eiwitten

Top 10 regionale voedselverwerkende bedrijven in Hauts-de-France
Beeld: HubAgro Hauts-de-France/CCI Hauts-de-France

- Frankrijk: allereerste tulpen pluktuin in teken van Olympische Spelen

Tijdens het traditionele festival Fête des tulipes in Saint-Denis, een ruim 110.000 bewoners tellende voorstad van Parijs, werd de lente ingeluid rond het symbool van de tulp. Dit jaar was de Nederlandse ambassade, in nauwe samenwerking met het Bloemenbureau en de Stichting Tulpenpromotie Nederland, actief betrokken bij dit festival. De allereerste Franse pluktuin werd hier georganiseerd, geïnspireerd op de pluktuin zoals die ieder jaar in Amsterdam plaatsvindt. 

Allereerste Franse tulpen pluktuin in teken van Olympische Spelen

Dankbare burger

- Hungary: price caps on food further extended

At a government press conference on Thursday, Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás has stated that the government’s policy of capping the prices of certain food products will remain in place until June 30.

Price caps on food further extended in Hungary

Busy market hall in Budapest. The hall is built in Victorian industrial style, with impressive, arching steel beams supporting a high ceiling and steel-reinforced high windows letting in natural light. People are passing by stalls and large booths, with various products on display.
Beeld: ©Zoltán Szászi

- Poland: its chocolate is conquering the world

Poland is already the third player in the European Union when it comes to chocolate exports (with a result of 295 000 tons of chocolate - Eurostat data). Global corporations produce sweets in our country, but scattered Polish companies are also playing an increasingly important role.

Polish chocolate is conquering the world

closeup on chocolate bar
Beeld: ©Alexandr Stein / Pixabay

- Serbia: BioSense Institute opens new Center of Excellence

New ministry project to support agriculture; more than 260 thousand farms registered in new digital system; massive irrigation scheme planned in Voivodina in coming years; €400 million investment into biogas in the country. Read this and more in the weekly briefing on agriculture, food and nature news in Serbia.

Serbia's BioSense Institute opens new Center of Excellence

A picture of the International style headquarters of the BioSens Institute in Serbia
Beeld: ©

- Spain: new bovine farm management law

It has been received unevenly among farmers although no one questions it was necessary. Increased bureaucracy, farm size limit or adaptation of infrastructures are some of the most contentious topics. The Spanish bovine sector ranks second in terms of economic importance of livestock production with about 30% of national share.

New bovine farm management law in Spain


AFRICA - Angola: enhancing financial and digital inclusion in the agricultural sector

Angolan bank BFA and Rabo Partnerships, with support of the Netherlands Embassy and Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO, have signed an agreement to enhance financial and digital inclusion in the Angolan agricultural sector. The partnership in a first phase implemented through a Technical Assistance program was announced during a signing ceremony attended by Ambassador of the Netherlands to Angola Tsjeard Hoekstra and his agricultural team.

Enhancing financial and digital inclusion in the Angolan agricultural sector

Undersigning Angolan Bank and Rabo  Partnerships

- Tanzania: unlocking synergies for sustainable potato industry

With a potential to provide more harvest in a given piece of land compared to its closer energy dense crops such as maize and rice, the potato crop stands a high chance on ensuring both food security and adaptation to the ever-changing climate. However, more combined efforts from the stakeholders are required to holistically address challenges in the sector and find sustainable solutions to achieve a transformation from production all the way to consumption.

Unlocking synergies for sustainable potato industry in Tanzania

Close-up of corn cobs.
Beeld: ©Cornell Frühauf

- Tanzania: towards a safe and sustainable poultry sector

Tanzania is making significant strides towards a sustainable poultry sector with the launch of the Poultry Signal Book and the officiation of the Poultry Working Group. The two were presented during the seminar on poultry health organized by the NL Embassy in Dar es Salaam in collaboration with Royal GD Academy in the Netherlands.

Towards a safe and sustainable poultry sector in Tanzania

Poultry Health Seminar 1 - speaker

- Tanzania: making the agriculture sector greener

Tanzania's horticultural sector presents significant opportunities for youth to earn lucrative incomes. However, the use of gasoline or diesel-powered irrigation pumps has negative environmental effects and is an expensive solution.

Making the agriculture sector greener in Tanzania

Greener Agriculture - Study visit participant meeting with Jitume Group at Lupembe Lwasenga village

- Tanzania: addressing challenges in potato and avocado sectors

Tanzania is a country with a rich agricultural heritage, and the potato and avocado sectors play an important role in the country's economy and food security. However, there are many challenges these sectors facing, including issues related to seed quality and agrologistics.

Addressing challenges in Tanzania's potato and avocado sectors

Brainstorming sessions in Arusha 1

- Tanzania: unlocking the potential of horticulture development

Knowledge is the cornerstone of horticulture development in the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. With the right knowledge and skills taught in the education institutions, students can effectively learn to produce high crop yields, produce high-quality products, and increase their profits.

Unlocking the potential of horticulture development in Northern Tanzania

TVET institution horticulture 1

AMERICAS - Cuba: agri-exports from the Netherlands back at pre-COVID level

Agricultural exports from the Netherlands are back at pre-COVID levels with beer, chicken and dairy topping the list. Cuban agricultural exports to the Netherlands dropped by 49% in 2022.

Agri-exports from the Netherlands to Cuba back at pre-COVID levels

- United States: Scale NL agri-food startup mission to Chicago in July

Startups from the Netherlands with solutions across the food value chain, including regenerative agriculture, will travel to Chicago from July 16-20, 2023 during IFT First. This mission is organized through the Scale NL Connect Chicago program, an initiative of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Chicago and Scale NL.

Scale NL agri-food startup mission to Chicago in July

Beeld: ©@Garrett Karp

MIDDLE EAST - Egypt: import permits for seed potatoes open for limited time

The Central Authority of Plant Quarantine in Egypt announced last week that the door for import permits for seed potatoes will be open only from 15th of April to 15th of May

Import permits for seed potatoes in Egypt open for limited time

Potato seed


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