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Korea’s Ramyeon and snack industry hit by Indonesia’s ban on palm oil export

Korea is a world player in the global stage for producing Ramyeon and snacks. The costs of these products are however expected to ...

Nieuwsbericht | 02-05-2022 | 11:24

Netherlands – Vietnam Mekong Delta Business Forum for the Mekong Delta 2022

The Netherlands Embassy and Consulate General in Vietnam organized the Vietnam - Netherlands Business Forum for the Mekong Delta ...

Nieuwsbericht | 02-05-2022 | 06:42

Kansenwebinar over aquacultuur in Oeganda

Bent u benieuwd welke kansen er voor uw bedrijf zijn in de aquacultuursector van Oeganda? Tijdens het kansenwebinar op 19 mei ...

Nieuwsbericht | 02-05-2022 | 05:36

'Vietnam benefits from Dutch knowledge and products'

After decades of impressive economic and agricultural growth, the focus in Vietnam shifts to food quality and more sustainable ...

Nieuwsbericht | 02-05-2022 | 05:01

Vietnam is doing well in the horticultural field

The greenhouse design is being finalized and next year Rijk Zwaan hopes to open a new R&D Station in Da Lat, Vietnam's main ...

Nieuwsbericht | 30-04-2022 | 05:24

Hungary: The capping of the prices of food and fuel extended until July 1

The extension will buy some time before prices start dramatically increasing.

Nieuwsbericht | 29-04-2022 | 16:08

Green Cities Serbia project at the Belgrade Building Expo 2022

As urban greening companies participated for the first time in the annual construction fair in Belgrade, Dutch companies were ...

Nieuwsbericht | 29-04-2022 | 16:07

Macro economische ontwikkelingen in Ethiopië

Na bijna een jaar van stilte, druppelen in Ethiopië eindelijk de eerste macro economische rapporten weer binnen. Vanwege het ...

Nieuwsbericht | 29-04-2022 | 15:09

The Agricultural Counselor, Ingrid Korving, is saying Kwaheri to Kenya

Times flies …….after 5 years of working in Kenya, Ingrid Korving, the agricultural counsellor for Kenya and Tanzania at the ...

Nieuwsbericht | 29-04-2022 | 08:53

Bulgarian Recovery and Resilience Plan will support modernizing and greening of farms

The EU will provide EUR 6.3 billion in grants to Bulgaria under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and they have to be ...

Nieuwsbericht | 28-04-2022 | 14:00