Investment guides for poultry and aquaculture in Tanzania

Seeing opportunities in Tanzania is easy with its richness in natural resources including land, forage, and vast water resources, the mentality of the people and the growing market!

The country has a great potential for growth in both the poultry and aquaculture sectors which are currently at the infant stage.  The two sectors have the possibilities to feed the growing population of Tanzania in a sustainable manner and create an interesting investing opportunities.

The poultry sector has currently a large proportion of indigenous chickens, dual purpose chickens, and exotic chickens (layers and broilers). Even with the current availability of animals, there is still room to grow in the market, and not only, but also in the quality and efficiency. On the other hand, aquaculture also offers avenues for investment as there is an estimated fish deficit of 480,000 metric tons per annum and dwindling catch from capture fisheries.

However it’s not always easy to see where to start. To give potential investors in the aquaculture and poultry sector an overview of areas of investment in the poultry and aquaculture sectors for both local and foreign investors, as well as various stakeholders involved, the investment guides were developed.

The Tanzanian Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries oversees and facilitates poultry and aquaculture investments in the country. The Ministry encourages private sector investment and supports these sectors through policies, acts, regulations and extension services through several established development centers. 

 July, 2019 an MoU on developing poultry and aquaculture sectors was signed between Tanzania and the Netherlands. Through this collaboration, investment guides have been developed which give an overview of areas of investment in the poultry and aquaculture sectors for both local and foreign investors. These guides aim to support investors in arriving to a logical investment decisions and create a useful starting place for research into investing in poultry or aquaculture value chains in Tanzania.

The investment guides were prepared in July 2020 however, due to unforeseen challenges could not be published in time. It should be noted that provided figures and costs are in the form of estimates. The actual costs may vary due to a number of factors including type and source of materials used, climatic conditions, infrastructure and technology, number and size of chicken houses, government financial year for tariffs change etc. For this reason, it is important for any investor to start with a thoroughly researched business plan before investing.

Please download the investment guide poultry here.

Please download the investment guide aquaculture here.

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