[World Bank] Tanzania Dairy and Poultry Sectors: Key constraints inhibiting competitiveness.

The World Bank recently published a baseline study on the Tanzanian Dairy and Poultry sectors. This study was carried out as part of the Livestock Micro Reform for Agribusiness project. As such, the study mostly focusses on institutional reforms needed to improve competitiveness.

Key input constraints were also identified. Both sectors lack access to adequate feed, veterinary inputs and adequate storage capacities. The poultry sector also lacks adequate supply of chicks and modes of transport for these chicks.
The dairy sector lacks availability of liquid nitrogen, essential in the delivery of Artificial Insemination services. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is currently supporting a program to strengthen AI service delivery in Tanzania, mostly through Public Private Partnerships.
Other key points mentioned in the report are the price of compound feeds in Tanzania, tax regimes such as the 18% VAT on animal feed and regulatory constraints.

For the full summary report, please contact dar-lnv@minbuza.nl for a soft copy.