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Slovakia: new Minister of Agriculture

new minister of Agriculture Slovakia Samuel Vclan appointed on June 8.

Nieuwsbericht | 10-06-2021 | 12:15

Agricultural news from Slovakia and Czechia

Agricultural news from Slovakia and Czechia for March 2021, including COVID related news on agricultural production, Bird Flu, ...

Nieuwsbericht | 08-03-2021 | 19:27

Slovakia: agricultural news week 4

agricultural news January 2021 Slovakia: OLAF investigation on fraud with EU subsidy closed, Avian Influenza and African Swine ...

Nieuwsbericht | 29-01-2021 | 21:40

Slovakia: Avian Influenza in zoo

Avian Influenza in zoo Slovakia, 2021

Nieuwsbericht | 11-01-2021 | 17:14

Slovakia: Poultry breeders receive €3,5 mln support

Financial support for poultry breeders in Slovakia due to COVID-19 andimports.

Nieuwsbericht | 07-12-2020 | 12:17

Slovakia is opening up to plantbased

Market study on plant-based meat and dairy alternatives in the Slovak Republic. Trends, consumer insights and opportunities in ...

Nieuwsbericht | 02-12-2020 | 18:55

Slovakia: impact Covid-19 & other agri news

Agrinewsletter Slovakia with a summary of the EIT Food report on the impact of Covid-19 on the agrifood sector in Slovakia, an ...

Nieuwsbericht | 19-11-2020 | 18:04

Slovakia: pig amnesty as measure to fight ASF

The ministry of Agriculture in Slovakia announced that till Friday October 23, pig breeders have the chance to register their ...

Nieuwsbericht | 18-10-2020 | 15:48

Slovakia: African Swine Fever update

In 2020, African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreaks in pig holdings in Slovakia were noted, mostly in backyard farms in south-eastern ...

Nieuwsbericht | 14-09-2020 | 18:29

Slovakia: new ASF outbreaks in pig farms

ASF was first confirmed in Slovakia on 25 July 2019 in the backyard farm in the village of Strážne, okr. Trebišov. To date, ...

Nieuwsbericht | 26-08-2020 | 16:49