Slovakia: Flower Circus at Flora Bratislava!

Flower Circus is coming to give a show at Flora Bratislava!

John from Flower Circus
Beeld: ©Flower Circus

John Elstgeest the director of the Circus will perform his flower shows during 3 days at Flora Bratislava. John’s performances will focus on different themes:

  • April 7: at the opening of the fair John will focus on (support for) Ukraine. You can expect loads of Freedom Blue and Energising Yellow  ( as they were called by the Pantone Institute) in flowers and in the surrounding and John will show how to arrange them together.
  • April 8: show of Flower Circus will be focused on florists with the theme of sustainability. John will convince florists that flowers without plastic are fantastic and present some naked bouquets as well.
  • April 9 (Saturday): it is the day when John will present his charm and give a great show  touch of magic focused on consumers.

Flora Bratislava is a well-known fair orientated on the Slovak and Czech market which showed significant growth trend in the last years.

Cooperation in this project with Flower Circus

To perform even better Flower Circus is looking for the cooperation with flower companies who want to present their flowers during the show. John will create magificent bouqets from the flowers and present to the audience from Slowakia and Czech Republic.

If you're interested in such a cooperation please contact John directly:

logo Flower circus
Beeld: ©Flower Circus

John Elstgeest
Circus director

+31 651 263 656
+31 850 021 656

John Engelsman from Flower Circus
Beeld: ©Flower Circus