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NL Embassy in Poland @NLinPoland

The #green decoration installed @KinoteatrRialto during has been given to 4 start-ups in #Katowice. The offered plants will improve the #AirQuality and working #environment and decorate the space as well! @RzecznikIKEA @PolitykaInsight @EBienkowskaEU

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Martijn Homan @HomanMAC

Opening #KlimatycznyFestwial with paneldiscussion in beautiful #green atmosphere! Plants purify air & have many more benefits. Willing to know more: Thanks to @airsopureplants @RzecznikIKEA @NLinPoland @PolitykaInsight @KinoteatrRialto @DeGroeneStad @COP24

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LAN Warschau @AgriWarsaw

Look at those plants arranged so nicely by @MonikaBebenek and her students to improve #AirQuality in Rialto cinema during in #Katowice. Visit the festival and change #climate arround you! @NLinPoland @RzecznikIKEA @COP24

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