New NL branding

From 1 January 2020 the new logo and new NL branding  is used

NL logo white

Our goal is to be seen as a partner in the pursuit of the SDGs: the Dutch are always looking for new approaches, and we distinguish ourselves by our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary perspective.
Internationally, the Netherlands works to foster peace and security, the international legal order, social justice, sustainability, cultural exchange and knowledge sharing. We recognise that global challenges can only be confronted together. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is not only good for the world, it’s also good for our country, as it can help generate trade and investment and bring in talent from abroad. Nowadays, doing good and doing business go hand in hand.

‘The Netherlands aims to be known for co-creating pioneering solutions to global challenges.’
‘International Positioning Strategy of the Netherlands’, Anholt/Govers/Adviesgroep, June 2018

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