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Nederlandse bedrijven stimuleren aardbeienteelt in Oekraïne

Een coöperatie van 40 kleine en middelgrote bessen- en aardbeientelers in West- Oekraïne is bezig om de teelt te ...

Nieuwsbericht | 26-05-2020 | 10:41

Ukraine’s trade in dairy products in April

Despite the quarantine, the Ukrainian consumers are actively buying dairy products.

Nieuwsbericht | 22-05-2020 | 00:00

NL Vyshyvanka: where Dutch design meets Ukrainian tradition

On Vyshyvanka Day, the 21st of May this year, we are proud to share with you the outcome of the inspiring intercultural ...

Nieuwsbericht | 21-05-2020 | 00:00

Resumption of business travel, meetings and events operations in Ukraine

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has announced the sequence of exit from the quarantine of the transport system

Nieuwsbericht | 20-05-2020 | 09:15

Economy ministry selects 23 Ukrainian banks to implement state program on supporting agricultural manufacturers

As of May 8, the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine signed a memorandum with 23 Ukrainian banks ...

Nieuwsbericht | 19-05-2020 | 10:24

Ukraine’s Seed Certification Scheme to be recognized by the EU

The European Commission proposed to the European Parliament and the Council to recognize the equivalence of Ukraine’s seed ...

Nieuwsbericht | 06-05-2020 | 14:55

New draft model veterinary certificates for import to Ukraine were published

Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture published for discussion Draft Order 'On approval of forms of ...

Nieuwsbericht | 24-04-2020 | 10:10

Ascania-Flora plans to destroy most of roses due to quarantaine, drop in demand

The Ascania-Flora rose growing greenhouse complex (Kyiv region), part of Ascania group of companies, plans to destroy most of its ...

Nieuwsbericht | 11-04-2020 | 11:44

Producers urge Ukrainian government to launch feed registration system the soonest

The feed market in Ukraine is blocked and in the near future Ukraine may face a shortage of feed because of the lack of a ...

Nieuwsbericht | 11-04-2020 | 11:20

Ukraine’s grain harvest/ export forecast for 2020/2021 MY

The Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) in the April report updated its forecast for the harvest of grain and oilseeds in the ...

Nieuwsbericht | 09-04-2020 | 00:00