The Face of Destruction - Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on the Seed Sector

In mid-May 2022, the employees of the Yuriev Plant Production Institute were informed that Russian troops had purposefully shot at one of the facilities where the genetic samples of various plants were stored.

Ukrainian plant production institute after shelling
Ukrainian Plant Production Institute after shelling by russians

Spring crops were about to be prepared for sowing. As a result of the shelling, the sample room burned down completely. However, as it turned out later, the employees managed to make duplicates of these samples. Instead, the winter crops are in danger. Fuel, crop protection and fertilizers are lacking to process them.

But the greatest danger are the mined fields, where those crops are sown. In her article below, Siuzana Grygorenko, Executive Director of Seed Association of Ukraine, explains the importance of genebanks, the danger of their destruction and how it impacts the global food security in general.

Burned seed storage Ukraine
Burned seeds in institute after shelling

Please read the article in the attached pdf file or follow the link to open the magazine edition  pages 6-7