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Dutch Advanced Technologies for Calves Health Control and Management

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine  together with the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club"  organize ...

Publicatie | 28-01-2022

UKRAINE Building Climate Resilience in Agriculture and Forestry

This 2021 World Bank study is the first detailed assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on Ukraine with a focus on ...

Publicatie | 29-12-2021

Large Scale Potato Growing in Ukraine

Interview of Willem Nammensma, Head of Potato Development Continental Farmers Group - one of the largest potato company in ...

Publicatie | 28-12-2021

Results of the conference: "Berry Production and Processing: Technologies and Innovations"

The V International Scientific and Practical Conference "Berry Production and Processing: Technologies and Innovations" was held ...

Publicatie | 26-12-2021

Export of berries and fruits to the Netherlands and Germany : Guide for Ukrainian Exporters

The Berry and Fruit Export Guide to the Netherlands and Germany was developed as part of the VTrade Fruit & Berry Deepening Trade ...

Publicatie | 24-12-2021

NL Pavilion at AgroSpring 2022 in Ukraine - Павільйон Нідерландів на виставці АгроВесна 2022

Publicatie | 26-11-2021

Hertsevski Craftolyky

From idea to a finished product: the story of the brand of candied fruit from Malomykolaivka. Від ідеї до готового продукту: як ...

Publicatie | 24-11-2021

Fresh Business Expo 2021

Netherlands Pavilion will be organised for the Dutch companies at Fresh Business Expo 2021, the leading trade event for all ...

Publicatie | 24-11-2021

Study Precision farming in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Agribusiness Club was commissioned by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kyiv and the Netherlands ...

Rapport | 05-11-2021

Circular Restaurants in the Food System of a Sustainable City

HoReCa is a very important channel to pay attention if we want to establish a circular food system in cities and beyond. It's ...

Publicatie | 04-11-2021