5th All-Ukrainian competition Incredible Villages of Ukraine 2020

The online publication AgroPortal.ua in partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine announces the start of accepting applications for the V All-Ukrainian competition "Incredible Villages of Ukraine 2020".

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The competition will be supported by the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture, the All-Ukrainian Association of Communities, the Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club, Baker Tilly Ukraine, the Union for the Promotion of Rural Green Tourism in Ukraine, and Agroexpert magazine.

The purpose of the competition:
• development of rural areas and regional economy;
• adherence to the principles of sustainable agriculture and circular production;
• strengthening the socio-economic position of the farmer in the supply chain "from the field to the table";
• development of social responsibility of local agrarian business;
• sustainable management and conservation of ecosystems, biodiversity and adaptation to climate change in the framework of agriculture and land use;
• promotion of green tourism;
• increasing the attractiveness of life in the village;
• development of modern rural areas with preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian countryside and traditional practices of agriculture.

Global goals of the project (from the list of UN Sustainable Development Goals): agricultural development, decent work and economic growth (8), sustainable development of cities and communities (11), partnership for sustainable development (17).

Period: July-December 2020.

More information: http://agroportal.ua/ua/publishing/konkurs/startuet-v-vseukrainskii-konkurs-neveroyatnye-sela-ukrainy-2020/?spush=a2llLWxudkBtaW5idXphLm5s