Biobased Economy

Here you can find information and reports on the biobased economy in Ukraine

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The sector of energy production from biomass is regulated in Ukraine by a significant amount of legislation, but the framework laws that determine its legal basis are the Law of Ukraine “On Alternative Fuels” and the Law of Ukraine “On Alternative Energy Sources”.  They defined the main terms used by representatives of the sector, in particular, the term “biomass”, “biofuel”, “biogas”, “biomethane” and others. In general, regulation of the bioenergy sector can be divided into several subsectors.

Sector reports

2023 - Prospects for the production of advanced biofuels in Ukraine: scientific article by the team of authors: Georgii Geletukha, Tetiana Zheliezna, Semen Drahniev and Petro Kucheruk, who are experts in the field of bioenergy, has been published in the Gas Institute magazine (No. 3).

2023 - the fifth factsheet “Industry” of the European Biogas Association (EBA) information campaign “Biogases: beyond energy”

2021 - Bioenergy in the Ukraine Country Fact sheet  by European Technology and Innovation Platform

2021 - Ukraine: biogas production

2018 - Study on Waste Management in Ukraine

2018 - Trends and developments in the bioenergy sector of Ukraine.

Sector events

2023.09.08 - Working meeting on possibilities for biogas installations in Ukraine Євген Олійник: Нові можливості для когенераційних установок на біогазі при роботі на РДН - UABIO

2023.09.27 - Forum on Ukraine Renewable Gases

Business Forum on Ukraine Renewable Gases - Energy Community Homepage (

2023.10. 25-26 - 8th Ukrainian Gas & Power Forum: New world energy architecture and Green transition Home - Ukrainian Gas Forum (