Hungary: Livestock transport 24-hour resting

The 24-hour resting of livestock is subject to extra regulations in Hungary due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is all the information transporters need.

Although the March 19 decision of the Operative Board that cargo transport drivers may forgo the mandatory quarantine if not showing symptoms of the disease, special procedures apply to the use of 24-hour resting places of livestock mandated by Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005.

General procedure for 24-hour livestock cargo resting in Hungary

Resting animal cargo currently is possible in Hungary at dedicated resting places and following these procedures:

  • In case of resting livestock cargo, the name of the driver has to be declared to the police at and to the Policy Administration Services of Public Health (at the respective capital-based or county-based government offices)
  • If the driver stops with the cargo, they are automatically required to be in quarantine. There will be no official police order issued for this but they cannot exit the cab of the vehicle. (In practice, the dedicated resting place)
  • Following the 24-hour resting period, leaving requires written permission from the police. Permission requests are also to be sent to the police at and to the local Policy Administration Services of Public Health of the respective government office. The request should in all cases include the term, “ÉLŐÁLLAT TRANZIT SZÁLLÍTÁS”. (Livestock transit transportation)
  • The above procedure is only to be followed if the transporter wishes to stop in Hungary for the 24-hour resting period.
  • Following the rest, the control station is to cooperate in the sending of the email requesting permission to leave the designated resting place.
For livestock cargo from other EU countries

In the case of transit transportation from other EU countries, the transporter is required to:

  • Notify the authorities at the following email addresses:,, with a letter containing the following information:
    • Where and when is the transport scheduled to do the 24-hour resting in Hungary
    • At which border crossing point will the transport enter Hungary
    • The name of the transport company
    • The name and personal identification data of the driver
    • The license plate number of the transport vehicle
The driver is also required to carry a printed copy of the letter containing the above information.

Source: National Food Chain Safety Office