Bulgaria Newsflash Week 17, 2022

How much will get Bulgaria for greening its farms under the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan? The state-owned Bulgarian dairy company has a patent for probiotic in Canada, Hong Kong and Korea. Prices of farm land in the northeastern region of Dobrudja, which is called Bulgaria’s “breadbasket”, has reached new peaks. And more news in our latest AgriNewsfalsh. Enjoy!

EU funds

Bulgarian Recovery and Resilience Plan will support modernizing and greening of farms 

The EU will provide EUR 6.3 billion in grants to Bulgaria under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and they have to be spent by 2026, reports the Balgarski Fermer weekly. The agriculture chapter of the plan, Sustainable Farming, has BGN 986.1 million leva, including BGN 457.3 mln under the Recovery and Resilience Facility. 

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LB Bulgaricum probiotic
Beeld: ©LB Bulgaricum / LB Bulgaricum

LB Bulgaricum obtains patents for valuable probiotic in Canada, Hong Kong and Korea

The state-owned Bulgarian dairy company LB Bulgaricum has obtained a patent in Canada, Hong Kong and Korea for a probiotic that lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and boosts the immune system. The company, which is fully owned by Bulgaria’s State Consolidation Company (a mastrodon structure under the umbrella of the Economy Ministry) has also opened procedures for securing patents for this product in Vietnam, reports the Agronovinite e-zine. The probiotic includes new strains of the “good” bacteria Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus plantarum и Lactobacillus helveticus, which are powerful antioxidants. Being the only remaining state-owned company in the Bulgarian dairy sector and the owner of the original technology and patent for production of starters for Bulgarian yogurt, LB Bulgaricum has licence agreements for production of yogurt in tens of countries, including Japan, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Finland, the Philippines, France and Austria. 

Brits landschap

Price of farm land in NE Bulgarian region of Dobrudja reaches new peaks

The price of farm land in the northeastern region of Dobrudja, which is called Bulgaria’s “breadbasket”, has reached a new peak of BGN 40,000/ha, reports AgroNovinite. The offered price for plots in the most sought-after part – the land-use area of the town of Balchik – is BGN 10,000/ha higher than last autumn. Demand is soaring but supply is slim and it has been like this since the start of the year, when land owners received generous rents by users and inflation started going up at an alarming pace

Glasses of wine
Beeld: Unsplash

Bulgarian Wines Win Medals at International Competition

Bulgarian wineries received a number of awards at the International Wine Competition Mundus Vini , says the organizer's website. The Domaine Boyar winery in particular stands out with its award for best Bulgarian winemaker. Mundus Vini is one of the largest and most prestigious international competitions. Every year its jury rates different varieties of wines in Neustadt, Germany. Two Bulgarian wines won Grand Gold: Katarzyna Estate's 2016 Katarzyna Reserve and Edoardo Miroglio's 2018 Reserve Elenovo Mavrud.

Online grocery

New rules for online trade take effect from May 28

New rules for online trade and new obligations for merchants under the Consumer Protection Act take effect from May 28, says the Bulgarian Industrial Association. They are in keeping with the EU directive for consumer protection and carry significant sanctions and fines for non-compliant merchants. A violation of the rules related to the indication of the selling price and the per-unit price, is punishable by a fine of BGN 5,000 to 50,000 (EUR 2,500 to 25,000).