Bulgarian Recovery and Resilience Plan will support modernizing and greening of farms

The EU will provide EUR 6.3 billion in grants to Bulgaria under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and they have to be spent by 2026. 


The agriculture chapter of the plan, Sustainable Farming, has BGN 986.1 million leva, including BGN 457.3 mln under the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Sustainable Farming includes two projects:

  1. Fund for technological and green transition in agriculture, with a total of BGN 437.4 million from the EU and as much in private co-financing. The difference to BGN 524.9 million leva of total national co-financing that appears in the Plan on the government website, is VAT which will be paid at the expense of the national budget.
  2. Farm to Fork processes digitization: It will use BGN 19.9 million in EU grants and BGN 3.9 million in national co-financing  (adding up to a total of BGN 23.9 million).

The fund project has activities in four directions:

  • The first is investment in technological modernization and greening, and the available public funding for it is BGN 318.1 million.
  • The second is investment in facilities for market preparation and storage of fruit and vegetables, with available public funding of BGN 15 million.
  • The third is investment in building of, and equipment for, livestock farms for male breeders, including production of biological material. The available public funding is BGN 4.6 million.
  •  And last is investment in efficient use of water in farms, where the available funding is BGN 99.7 million.

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LB Bulgaricum probiotic
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