New NL Branding

“The Netherlands aims to be known for co-creating pioneering solutions to global challenges.”

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From 1 January 2020 the new logo and new NL branding  is used

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There was a lot of confusion about the official name of our country: is it Holland or is it the Netherlands? The Netherlands was chosen to give a more complete picture and Holland was dropped. To do this, a work group was set up in 2017 consisting of people from both the private and public sector with the objective of communicating more clearly with a more modern message, which everyone can relate to.

Відтепер країна називається тільки Нідерланди та Королівство Нідерландів, а не Голландія.

Вживаємо також прикметник "нідерландський" для перекладу "Dutch", замість "голландський".

In June 2018, the Dutch cabinet adopted a new international positioning based on ‘cooperation’ as our USP. Our open, inventive and inclusive way of working makes us a good cooperation partner.

The Netherlands contributes to global peace and security, to international justice, social justice, sustainability, cultural exchanges and knowledge sharing. All this stems from the belief that worldwide challenges can only be solved together.

International Positioning Strategy of NL

Internationally, the Netherlands works to foster peace and security, the international legal order, social justice, sustainability, cultural exchange and knowledge sharing. We recognise that global challenges can only be confronted together. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is not only good for the world, it’s also good for our country, as it can help generate trade and investment and bring in talent from abroad. Nowadays, doing good and doing business go hand in hand.

‘The Netherlands aims to be known for co-creating pioneering solutions to global challenges.’
– ‘International Positioning Strategy of the Netherlands’, Anholt/Govers/Adviesgroep, June 2018

NL Brand
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Brand values

The Netherlands has a reputation for combining inclusive thinking with an open and inventive approach to working. In part this is due to our history: cooperation has deep roots in our culture, due to the constant danger of flooding that this country has always faced. We offer not only expertise but also a wide-ranging perspective that extends across industry sectors. This is why we are international leaders in fields like agriculture, logistics and water management, along with photonics, medical robotics and semi-conductors.

Our outlook can be summarised with three core concepts:

  • openness: we value freedom, transparency and clarity;
  • inventiveness: we always look for innovative and pragmatic solutions;
  • inclusivity: we look for win-win-win solutions and forms of cooperation that transcend sectors and national borders.
Minister Kaag on NL Branding

Our goal is to be seen as a partner in the pursuit of the SDGs: the Dutch are always looking for new approaches, and we distinguish ourselves by our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary perspective.

Working on the Sustainable Development Goals (or: ‘Global Goals’) is not just good for the world, it is good for our country, because it is good for trade, investment and stimulates foreign talent: in today’s world doing good and doing business go hand-in6 hand. Our objective is to be seen as a partner to achieve the Global Goals: The Dutch are constantly seeking solutions and distinguish themselves through their integral, multidisciplinary outlook. We deliver tailored and pioneering ideas, which can be translated into technological as well as societal solutions

New NL Brand website

From 1 January the NL Brand website is live. This is a digital platform where all users of NL branding can find everything they need and submit content. It includes numerous examples of successful cooperation related to the SDGs. The website is also the go-to place for all the tools you need for the NL visual identity: logo sets, layout guidelines, fonts, photos, videos and presentations. You can also purchase small gifts for professional relations on the site.

Solving global challenges together
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