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EU Investment mapping Kenya Brochure

This mapping brochure gives insights in the Kenyan market trends and was prepared after the survey done among the EU private ...

Rapport | 23-09-2021

Alternative proteins in Ukraine

For your attention Sustainable Talk by  Sustainable Strategies Institute - SSI  on modern food trends, alternative proteins, ...

Publicatie | 20-09-2021

Dunaivtsi City Day Ukraine

Cooperation of small farmers is important for transition to sustainable agro production, improvement of income and livelihood in ...

Publicatie | 19-09-2021

2021 IAE Online Fair - Product Registration Manual

Brochure | 17-09-2021

Factsheet Free Walk Farming Systems

Brochure | 17-09-2021

Horti Seminar Agenda

Brochure | 16-09-2021

Floristic Competition "Christmas Fairy Show". Kyiv, Ukraine

"Creating beauty, let's take care of the environment!" - Office of the Agricultural Counsellor supports the National Floristic ...

Publicatie | 16-09-2021

Vietnam Agro Factsheet

Consice and key information, facts and figures of Vietnam Economy with zoommed in agro-food sector.  Updated September 2021.

Publicatie | 14-09-2021

Delegation of Dutch companies at the Farm of the Future Event

Opening of the "Robotic Farm of the Future Lely" in Zhytomyr Region is the most innovative event in the field of dairy farming in ...

Brochure | 13-09-2021

Fish Branding Marketing Strategy and

Tanzania’s fish farming sector offers great potential for economic growth and providing food security. The country’s climate is ...

Rapport | 07-09-2021