TOP 10 Agroholdings in Ukraine

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Agroholdings play an important role in the formation of the agricultural market in Ukraine. For example, the share of holdings in total exports is higher than that of other agricultural enterprises in the total production of these crops, with the exception of soybean. on the basis of information LFM book prepared infographic on how the main indicators of holdings have changed in the last year?

Largest Agroholdings

If we talk in general about the financial indicators of holdings, then over the past year, companies have managed to succeed significantly. Such results were achieved thanks to a trustful relationship with international investors and good macroeconomic situation.

For example, in 2017, the average EBITDA among holding companies for the first time in several years began to grow - $ 84.07 million. In 2016, this figure was $77.31 million. Although EBITDA does not help determine profitability of the company, it displays a picture of its economic history activities.

Land Bank of the agroholdings

In Ukraine, the number of agricultural holdings and their land bank continues to grow. In 2017, there were 93 agricultural enterprises, processing more than 10 thousand hectares. The total land bank in processing by agroholdings for 5 years increased from 5.6 million hectares to 5.95 million hectares in 2017.
The increase in farmland in the use of agroholdings was 6.3%. Leaders on the land bank remain "Kernel" - 600 thousand hectares, UkrLandFarming - 570 thousand hectares, "Agroprosperis" (NCH) - 410 thousand hectares).
The largest number of agroholdings in 2017 was in Kyiv (32), Chernigiv (28) and Poltava (26) regions.

Structure of production

As for the gross production of agrarian holdings, in 2017 it amounted to 55.9 billion UAH, or 22% of the total volume in the country. In 2016, the share of agroholdings in the total production of agricultural products was slightly higher and amounted to 23%.

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