Entering the Soft Fruit market in Türkiye: Holland House of Fruits

In 2023 a Dutch soft fruit business consortium together the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and Netherlands Embassy in Ankara, Türkiye, launched a 3 year project to develop business ties between the Netherlands and Türkiye in the field of strawberries, raspberries and blue berries.


The aim is to strengthen business cooperation and develop sustainable production techniques, while building a stronger sector. Specifically the focus is on the fresh market for these products. It is in this sector that we see many opportunities. This sector is growing in Türkiye and we expect it will continue to do so in the next years.

See our market report from 2022 here: Turkish berry fruit sector

Türkiye offers many opportunities: climatological circumstances and geographic diversity allow for a long and efficient growing season if the right plant varieties are used. Türkiye lies on multiple trade routes and offers trade opportunities to Europe, Middle East and the Eurasian region. The strong agricultural tradition in Türkiye supports the development of the soft fruit sector. It has multiple advantageous factors of production.

There is potential for growth: production areas should increase, better use can be made of varieties, growing techniques and knowledge can and should improve. We believe that if the volumes increase, the sector and production chain will also improve quickly. Türkiye can take it’s place among producers of soft fruit through its long potential growing season.

What does the ‘Holland House of Fruits’ do?

We try to establish contacts and visibility in Türkiye. We have participated at the Growtech Horticulture Exhibtion in Antalya in November 2023 with 12 companies. This was very successful: many new contacts were made, follow up business discussions took place and several have led to successful cooperation. See our review here: Growtech Antalya 2023 and Holland House of Fruits | Nieuwsbericht | Agroberichten Buitenland

We will visit Türkiye through trade missions in Bursa, Izmir and Ankara. Other areas in Türkiye will be visited in the future. We are looking for new opportunities, contacts and developments. We will try to add value where we can.

We can link you to companies of the consortium for any questions: hollandhouseoffruits@gmail.com

Our LinkedIn Page: Holland House of Fruits

Get in touch with us at the embassy: ank-lnv@minbuza.nl

Our business partners:

Holland Rosetta www.hollandrosetta.com

Hillebrand Nursery www.fruitrees-rootstocks.com

Van der Knaap Substates www.vanderknaap.info

VGB water technology www.vgbwatertechniek.nl

Ridder www.ridder.com

Storex www.storex.nl

Advanced Berry Breedeing www.abbreeding.nl

Rapo Quality Plants www.rapo.nl

Hortipro www.hortipro.com

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