Growtech Antalya 2023 and Holland House of Fruits

Growtech Eurasia 2023 took place in Antalya from 22 to 25 November. It is a strategic Horticulture Exhibition that attracts visitors from Turkiye and many other countries in the region.

Growtech 2023

The Netherlands was well represented by two pavilions this year. The first, organized by ExportPartner, included 19 horticulture companies from the Netherlands. These included builders of greenhouses, greenhouse equipment such as lighting, screens, digital technology, but also companies specializing in integrated pest management (IPM) and many other innovations and sustainable solutions.

The second pavilion was focused on soft fruit production: blueberry, strawberry and raspberries in particular. A consortium of 11 companies took part at Growtech, specializing in propagation materials, post harvest management, rootstocks of trees, soil management, consultancy and knowledge and education. It is called Holland House of Fruits, a project that was launched in summer 2023 to develop relationships and trade between the Netherlands and Turkiye. Read more about the project here

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