Lioness from Ukraine found her new home in the Netherlands

On 7 June, global animal welfare organisation Four Paws successfully transferred young lioness Vasylyna from her temporary home near Kyiv to its FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary in the Netherlands as war still holds a firm grip on the Ukrainian capital.

Lioness from Ukraine found her new home in the Netherlands

Vasylyna was captured in August 2022, after roaming the streets of the war-torn village Vysoke in Kharkiv region in Ukraine, where she had previously escaped from a private keeping. Local rescue centre Wild Animals Rescue Centre by Natalia Popova took her in until a permanent solution could be found. The legal situation in Ukraine forbids the private keeping of wild animals for “entertainment and leisure purposes”.

On her way to the Netherlands the now nearly two-year-old big cat was first brought to BEAR SANCTUARY “Domazhyr” i in the West of Ukraine where she then was prepared for the rest of the journey, accompanied by a veterinarian throughout the near 2,000 km trip.

In the afternoon of 7 June, the transfer team together with Vasylyna arrived safe and sound at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary, a 2-hour-drive North-East of Amsterdam. As soon as the door of the transport crate was opened, the lioness walked out in a very calm way. As a first step, Vasylyna was released into a specially equipped enclosure with adjustable platforms and a centralized heating system. Here she will get the time to acclimatise throughout the next days, while at the same time having access to her new and more spacious outdoor enclosure.

Given the stressful circumstances, she is in good condition and will now receive the care she needs to recover and live a species-appropriate life.

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