KISTOCK 2023: Korea International Livestock Expo

Are you in the livestock business from the Netherlands? Join us at the Netherlands Pavilion under the Korea International Livestock Expo (KISTOCK) from 6 to 8 September in Daegu, EXCO. The Agriculture team at the Embassy organizes the Netherlands Pavilion to promote innovative Dutch technology and knowledge in livestock and animal welfare.  

Netherlands Pavilion
Beeld: ©SEO-LNV
Netherlands Pavilion

KISTOCK Facts & Figures

KISTOCK will take place for the 12th time on September 6th-8th this year as one of the prominent and largest livestock expos in South Korea. Due to African Swine Fever in the region, the organizer postponed the expo from 2019 to 2021. Since then, the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide has led to the unprecedented postponement of the event, and the next expo resumed last year in February. The expo in 2017 was the most recent one with our NL pavilion, and now we are ready to welcome you again. 

The expo's theme is 'Value and continuity of K-livestock,' based on the livestock industry's future vision. Hosts of the expo are as follows; the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, six prominent livestock associations, namely Korea Poultry Association, Korea Pork Producers Association, Hanwoo (Korean beef) Association, Korea Dairy & Beef Farmers Association, Korea Duck Association, Korea Association for Livestock Housing & Environment Machineries.

In the previous expo in 2017, there were 858 booths and 259 international & local exhibitors from 10 countries, including the Netherlands. However, due to COVID-19, the number of visitors reduced, and it was only 10% of the previous event in the most recent one.  

The exhibit area covers the following sectors:

  •  Livestock equipment and facilities, sanitation, livestock processing facilities;
  • Fee sector: Fodder materials and products, feed additives, nutrition;
  • Pharmaceutical sector: Animal drugs, prescription disease, hygiene, disinfection;
  • Breeding stock sector: Varieties, improved breeding stock, Biotechnology;
  • Production sector: Acid technology, farm management, consulting, farm HACCP;
  • Information sector: Livestock-related publications and information, computer distribution, and management system.

NL Pavilion

The Netherlands Pavilion welcomes Dutch companies and Korean partners/representatives/dealers/importers of Dutch companies active in Korea, with the aim to promote innovative Dutch technology and knowledge in the field of livestock and animal welfare. It will showcase innovative Dutch products and services and contribute to bridging both countries by exposure to cooperation opportunities and needs among stakeholders from the sector. 

If you want to expand and realize your business goal in this region, please join the Netherlands Pavilion. There are limited spaces available.

For more information, you can reach out to the Agriculture team at the Embassy in Seoul by E-mail (