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Exporters worried as catfish exports to major markets drop

Exporters are mulling plans on how to increase shipments to the US and China after Covid-19 ends.

Nieuwsbericht | 03-08-2020 | 12:06

Vietnamese fruits reach out to the world

The application of technology, the promotion of production linkages, and the establishment of farming area codes for exports have ...

Nieuwsbericht | 30-07-2020 | 12:01

EVFTA helps boost Vietnamese agricultural exports to meet EU standards

Vietnamese businesses need to improve their capacity to compete in such a highly demanding market as the EU.

Nieuwsbericht | 27-07-2020 | 11:55

New opportunities open up for agricultural product processing

Investment in processing technology is helping the agricultural sector recover after the pandemic, as well as opening a window of ...

Nieuwsbericht | 24-07-2020 | 11:43

Viet Nam News Economy EC announces import quotas for farm produce from Việt Nam under EVFTA

The European Commission (EC) on Wednesday announced import quotas for some farm produce, including rice from Vietnam in ...

Nieuwsbericht | 22-07-2020 | 11:05

Biosecurity in Feed Industry of Thailand Webinar Welcome 100 Attendants

“Animal feed is an integral part of the food value chain and feed safety has been recognized as a shared value and ...

Nieuwsbericht | 21-07-2020 | 03:38

Bitter harvest for Mekong fruit farmers

Many fruit farmers in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam have suffered losses this year due to crop failure caused by drought and ...

Nieuwsbericht | 19-06-2020 | 11:52

Vietnam begins to import live pigs from Thailand

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has permitted the import of live pigs from Thailand for farming and ...

Nieuwsbericht | 15-06-2020 | 10:52

Vietnam’s agricultural exports decline in May due to COVID-19

Exports and imports of agricultural goods saw a decline in the first five months of 2020 due to the negative impacts of the ...

Nieuwsbericht | 10-06-2020 | 11:28

Japanese experts to arrive in Vietnam to examine lychee exports

Japanese experts are set to arrive in Việt Nam on June 3 to examine and supervise phytosanitary measures for the lychees destined ...

Nieuwsbericht | 08-06-2020 | 11:19