Factsheet Agriculture in Vietnam

An indepth analysis of development in Vietnam agriculture sector done by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Vietnam, including Business opportunities and how the Embassy/CG can support.

The importance of improving Vietnam´s agricultural system along all parts of the value chain is growing and becomes more visible. This is increasingly opening up the market for innovative solutions to both the effects of climate change and the structural hindrances within the agricultural sector. Alongside the rapid developments of the country as a whole, seen in for example the growing market liberalization and increasing foreign trade, the Vietnamese agricultural sector is promising for businesses in many ways.

  • How do we access the business opportunities in country ?
  • How do we see horticulture, dairy, pork & poulty as promissing sub-sectors?
  • Why  value chain is strategic for sustainable agriculture development ?
  • What the Embassy / CG can support you in doing business in Vietnam ?

The answers (and more information) will be detailed in the attached Factsheet