Good Agricultural Practices Will Be Expanded to 1 Million Decares in South region of Turkey

Good agricultural practices have been expanded to an additional 10.000 hectares of land in Adana which is one of the most important agricultural production provience in the south part of the country.

Good agricultural practices refer to farming methods aimed at maintaining natural wit balancehout polluting the environment or using substances that are hazardous for human health. The crops grown by using these methods in compliance with national legislation on agricultural practices are registered, controlled and certified by authorities. Farmers in Çukurova region in Adana are particularly interested in this area due to the rise in local and global demand for products grown with good agricultural methods.

Good agricultural practices

According to the data released by the Adana Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, good agricultural practices were used on 63.200 hectares of land in 2018, which went down to 57.800 hectares in 2019 due to the impact of the pandemic. However, the numbers have gone up by more than 10.000 hectares since last year. It is estimated that the total amount of land using good agricultural practices will reach 1 million decares this year.