Biosecurity in Feed Industry of Thailand Webinar Welcome 100 Attendants

“Animal feed is an integral part of the food value chain and feed safety has been recognized as a shared value and responsibility.” Willem Schoustra the Dutch Agricultural Counsellor said at “Biosecurity in Animal Feed Industry of Thailand Webinar” last week.

Dutch Agricultural Counsellor Willem Shoustra is giving opening speech at the Webinar

“The Netherlands has the ambition to be a leading and guiding country to develop an food system that provides enough food and is not harming the planet. A more sustainable system, taking into account circular principles. Thailand is an enormous player in the livestock sector, number 4 in exporting poultry around the world. This was made once more clear in November 2019 “The Netherlands – Thailand Sustainable Livestock Value Chain Forum was successful organized in Bangkok. The FORUM made clear that the Livestock Sector has to further develop in Biosecurity and High Quality products and find a balance between costs effectiveness and a fair price for the farmers” Willem highlights in his keynote for 100 attendants in the webinar. The attendants are active key players in animal feed industry of Thailand from business, government and university across the Kingdom. 

“The role of animal feed in the production of safe food is recognized worldwide, and several critical incidents have underlined its impact on public and animal health, feed and food trade and food security. CORONAVIRUS made clear that we are ALL in the health game together. Further cooperation between governments, private sector and research, national and international, developing strong regulation, bringing forward responsible manufactures and acting on scientific results. Only together our feed and food industry will find innovative solutions for sustainable food value chains.

Biosecurity – we can increase biosecurity and it starts with healthy and nutritious feed. Healthy Food – meat quality is determined by the right feed. So the feed industry can make a difference. Certification for better trust and quality insurance” the Dutch Agricultural Counsellor said in the keynote.

The two days Webinar (15th & 22nd July 2020) is supported by the Dutch Government via NUFFIC Orange Knowledge Program by GMP Plus International, Q. Point BV and Thai Feed Mills Association.

Thailand is one of the active international key player in livestock and animal feed industry. The annual feed consumption in Thailand is estimated for 20.34 million TON. Broiler, swine, layer and cow are the largest livestock sectors consuming 7 million, 5 million, 2 million and 1 million TON feed per year respectively. Animal feed industry in Thailand demands 0.79 , 4.80 , 8.51 and 1.74 million ton of fishmeal, soymeal, maize and broken rice as the raw material for the feed production in 2020 (Ref. Thai Feed Mill Association, 2020).

(More detailed reflection of the webinar will follow)